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Some time ago, I already showed you the details of a somewhat provocative glass painting. It sparked quite a discussion at the opening when it was first shown.

Today I published the drawing as a limited edition fine art giclée print and found, that the high resolution would be great for taking another look at it.


As some of you might already know and as explained in this post, I start all my works on glass with a pencil drawing directly on the glass. On the side, that will later be the back side. That's why it is also called "reverse glass painting", in German: "Hinterglas". The pencil is just a new twist I added to this beautiful old technique.

The theme of the exhibition this piece was made for, was "Gothik", which lead me to the first idea of making the figure's hair like the tower of a cathedral...

Patience please, large files ahead :-)


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Of course, it wouldn't look like my work, if there wasn't some kind of machinery...


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And some high heels ;-)


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The whole sheet looks like this printed now, at a paper size of 30x86cm (roughly 12x34 inches):


I made it a very small edition of only 17 (!) signed and numbered sheets ever printed, to make it a very rare collectors item.

I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork



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A big thank you for your kind attention!

Okay, now what do I have to do or pay for this rare piece of art? :-)))

I find it almost too sinful. HeHe.

From looking at that hair-tower I somehow got hungry. The sight produces some kind of mh... yam feeling, maybe spaghetti? I am really not kidding. Even if I may be insulting you to hear me saying "spaghetti" and "up high" in one sentence.

Now, her look ...
You look at her and she seems to say, "Well, dear, don't take yourself too seriously. But I should be worth a few nice blingers to you or you're history." She lures me with her little Busen and irritates me with her supernatural long legs.
Well, ...hmmm ... I don't know if I could really stand another woman like her in my apartment. HiHi. Although she is also somehow really beautiful to look at...

Wow, what a piece that is! Really. Love it and hate it.



Listenpreis is 275 Euro, weil es eben auch eine sehr niedrige Auflage ist... nehm auch gerne steem oder SBD... steht allerdings lausig im Moment :-/

Falls Du Sie am Ende dann doch mehr liebst, als hasst, können wir ja in discord drüber reden 😎

Haha... klug und lustig! Tolle Kombination und sehr attraktiv oben drauf, Erika, Du bist einfach eine tolle Frau, da kannst Du gern mal einen Haarturm mit Spagetti assoziieren 🍝 Hast Du Dir wenigstens gleich welche gekocht?

As Kino zum Essen empfehle ich natürlich "Don Reinhardo"...


Don-Reinhardo!!! Ich schmeiß mich weg! Lustiges Video! Und so 80er Jahre-mäßig (die Musik)! Ich kann den Spaß mitgehen, den dir der Dreh gemacht hat. Kicher. Die Banane zu rauchen und dann auch noch mit roter Farbe zu essen. LOL!

Ich denke, "High up" werde ich mir nicht leisten. Zu viele ambivalente Gefühle :-)))

Danke für das schöne Kompliment an mich. Ich bin geschmeichelt 😘


Ja, das Video zu drehen hat Spaß gemacht. Du weißt ja, dass ich gerne rumblödel... freut mich, wenn es Dir gefallen hat!

Mich hätte es überrascht, wenn Du das Bild wirklich hättest haben wollen. So ganz möchte es einfach nicht passen. Da gibt es sicher was besseres.

Hast Du Dir eigentlich mal eine ETH Adresse zugelegt? Mit der Metamask Erweiterung zu Firefox oder Google Chrome geht das ganz leicht. Ich könnte Dir dann einen kleinen Sonnenschein schicken. Als digital collectible wäre das nummerierte Bildchen ganz allein Deins :-)

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Keep Steeming on!! <3

🎉 Congratulations @reinhard-schmid! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.


Thanks a lot :-)

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Love this, @reinhard-schmid... Such a wonderful piece <3 You really captured the motif of the cathedral in her... the shoulder pads is very much like the pope's too ... and the hair, of course! Gorgeous detailing on the machinery parts, as well <3 Very lovely work !!!


A very big thank you for your Lovely words. Of course, as always, you are right on target :-)

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Lovely drawing...i love your art.my dear friend reinhard-schmid

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Amazing, really love your art <3

Those highlights are on point!

Wow her hair is so epic! I love how that incredible mass of swirly hair serves as a counterbalance to the gears at the bottom. This is a really cool composition, quite apart from the symbolism (which I love).

Phh, graphite... What's not to love
Do you plan the rim light before you start with the general shadow, or you apply it later, whenever and where you feel needed?
I'm still learning how to navigate through that.

...squeezed in this format reminds me of looking through a keyhole...which I never did, of course.

I love when you do zoom ins. And those shoes! These should be on the catwalks of Paris, London , and Milan.