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A little while ago I followed a link, I think it was on a blog by @shortcut and got to the site dada.nyc

The concept is "speaking visually" and of course I thought this must be something nice for an artist. Signed up full of enthusiasm, but quickly came to a grinding halt. Account creation was quick and easy and a quick tour gave a rough idea, how it all was supposed to work.

Thing is, I couldn't get it to work. Only with a mouse. Which is a drag. Disappointed, that I couldn't use my wacom, I left again...

Giving up isn't really my thing, so I soon thought about a few other options. Ipad doesn't work. At least mine didn't well enough. Then I got a message from @grandenchilada, the cofounder of DADA and she told me, that it might be my browser (Firefox) and she recommended to try Chrome instead.

YAY!! It worked with my tablet, but I still wasn't very happy, as the tools appear very basic at first. Some more time went by, but I was determined to join the creators there. A very simple first doodle, and I learned a few more things. The most important for me was, that one can change the opacity of the tools. Bang! All of a sudden it became a lot of fun!!

I still have a lot to practice, as there is some absolutely amazing art there. Quite intimidating when you start looking around... Some pretty creepy monsters too and that inspired me, to add one of mine


One needs to work ones way up to 200 points until one can participate in one of these visual conversations. I'm on my way 😁

If you like the idea of talking to each other through drawings, sign up at https://dada.nyc/

I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


Artwork by me created at and for dada.nyc



See more of my work on sola

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I had not heard of dada. Thank you for introducing me to it. I love what you created! He’s spooky...and yet still a little endearing. So dada is a blockchain community where you create and share digital art? (I could look it up, but prefer to be taught by you.)

I just discovered the site myself a short while ago. The original dada(ism) is an artistic movement of the early 20th century... proclaiming a sort of anarchistic anti art...

The site is about visual communication. Although you have the option to actually write a comment, you make a drawing in response to someone else's. Its a lot of fun! I like how it forces me to draw much more spontaneous, as the tools are limited and you can't go on refining things with layers and editing tools, like you have in Photoshop for instance.

If you enjoy a little digital drawing, you should give it a try! Everybody can participate 👨‍🎨 👩‍🎨

Fascinating history. I love the idea and completely get that the picture is worth 1000 words, so I think it’s brilliant. but I have no practice or skill in creating art or images. I’m a words person as you know…

Thank you for explaining for me and for sharing this creation here and hopefully more

Amazing work! I‘m happy that you found a workaround and gave it another chance. Looking forward to communicate visually :-)

I'm known for being somewhat persistent ;-) Glad you like my drawing. Thanks a lot for "replying" there!

Cute creepy monster! There is astonishment and a few pinches of silliness in its expression. It looks so innocent. Give it a kiss from me 😘

Haha, well, really awful monsters are not my thing I guess... 👻

Your "monster" is kind of cute....

I'll check out the site, thanks for the tip!

Once you get a hang of it, it quickly gets addictive! See you there :-)

(By the way... it's gonna be a little while before I can properly check it out. At the moment, there are not enough hours in a day, and not enough days in a week.)

My words exactly! :-)

I just saw your comment the other day but couldn't figure out chat. IF you try again, you'll have to give me better instructions :) I'll see you on dada :)

Just go to https://steemit.chat and create your profile. Then you just find me by typing my steemit username (I use the same here and there) in the search field.... once my profile appears in the list, please click on it and then you can send me a message :-)

Many thanks for your reply on dada. Starting to really like it!

Thank you I found your message and so exciting. Also, did you see I 'answered' this conversation :)

I saw it, but I guess I was too late to answer to it directly. Could not figure out how to create a branch... oh well, there will be other opportunities. Getting a bit addicted..

Such a cool artwork. The ghost like monster appears to be shocked by us viewing him :) I have a wacom also, they are a lot of fun.

I wanted it to kind of appear out of that grayish background and yes, its sort of shocked... you should join us on DADA! Use Chrome with the tablet :-)

Oh. You're one of those people for whom there is no limit to their talents! (Knew that already!) Love how you try out new stuff. That Firefox/Chrome issue is one I keep on bumping into aswell! Good to be forewarned on this one. I'm going to take a good look around. ON Chrome.

No limit? Haha.. don't I wish! I constantly struggle with my limitations.. if I find the occasional solution to a problem, its more likely persistence than talent... which is often overrated anyways ;-)

Hope to see you there... on Chrone 🎨

What a lovely monster!

Well, I just don't seem to be able to make them really scary 😁

Nothing lovely about him!!
Extremely effectively understated.

It is perfect none the less!

This looks interesting! I can talk through Gif's if that's any good !

Very interesting concept, but I don't think, you can save in any particular format. You have to use the built in drawing tools.. works alright, once you get used to it!

That's a shame, interesting concept non the less!

You should try it nevertheless!

Yes I might do!

  ·  last year (edited)

So cool to see all the great artists like yourself going in there; I really feel like I am learning from people by responding to conversations. I forget if I am Dania on there or Twirble; but I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Find no Twirble, but a number of Danias... how about a link to your profile?

  ·  last year (edited)

Only because you asked (might have seemed spammy if I just posted it) https://dada.nyc/portraits?pl=KpP6OAFaQFbOceJI4sK8Vg#KpP6OAFaQFbOceJI4sK8Vg

Look forward to seeing more of your work on there:)

Thank you for being considerate. See you there :-)

not convinced - I don't even try, would be a waste of time. I can do a lot of stuff in Photoshop (also with my Wacom) so I can't see the need for an on-line program. What I do like on-line is Deep Dream.
But maybe I just don't get it. I don't even want to talk to anybody when I am working on art, not even listening to music. That's how weird I am.

Quite alright. I had a difficult start there, but once I got it, I really started to like it. It's about drawing spontaneously not refining and applying filters and stuff like this.. But hey.. one person likes to eat Leberkas, and someone else likes to ride their bike ;-)

WOW. You have done a great job in Dada. it's hard for me to draw with mause because there is no tablet: /
I want to try it anyway. congratulations on the perfect picture

Thank you for your kind compliments. Yes, without a tablet, it is more difficult, but maybe you can adjust your themes so it will work. See you there :-)