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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", says one of Arthur C. Clarke's famous laws.

For me, that often raises the question, of what is behind something that is too big for me to comprehend. And as I get older, the world around me seems to become even more miraculous. Of course, we are all used to modern technology and how it brings things into our lives, past generations would have undoubtedly perceived as magic. But what about all the "natural" magic around us? Sure, science can explain by now much of what we can see and beyond. But will science in the end give us all the answers?

When I gave a physicist a tour through my Temple of the Secrets many years ago, he told me, that when you do fundamental research like he did, you eventually get to the point, where religion, philosophy and science (physics) meet! Fascinating!

For me, one big miracle that happens every year is spring. After a usually dark and wet time of German winter, all of a sudden, nature seems to almost explode in abundance. Lush life, beauty and opulence everywhere. Of course, we understand, why all that happens. But I like the thought of enjoying it as magic and it eventually sparked the idea for my "Flower Bomber".

flowerbomber2020fin01 Kopie.jpg

The original painting on reverse side of glass was in fact called "Spring", adding a modern day twist to the idea of a cherub flying across the sky, spreading blossoms from his cornucopia. There is also a bit of a "flowerpower" feeling and that generations idea of "make love, not war"...

flowerbomber2020 Kopie.jpg

With the digital based on that, I wanted to create a more comic book like look without loosing the rich textures of the painting. Therefore I imported the picture into Photoshop and with a series of adjustments and complex overlays with different blending modes, I got closer and closer to the bright palette I was looking for.


In Illustrator I added a HUD like overlay with some "text" and my signature.


Finally I brought it all baked together back into Photoshop, made some final adjustments and was ready to tokenize the file:


Since file size is limited for tokenization, I'm always faced with the decision, if I want to go for resolution or movement. An animated gif obviously has to have a much smaller pixel size to fit. This time I wanted all the details to come out bright and clear and opted for a high resolution of 2337x4156px and png for best quality.

"Flower Bomber", tokenized at

I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork. Original painting done in my special technique as introduced in What is Hinterglas?



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Your imagination doesn't have limits Reinhard!

I too love spring but this year it has come so early. I don't remember these temperatures in February. But what I do remember that 20 years ago we used to play in the snow which was taller than us around this time of the year :)

Hope you're doing well my friend!

Thank you so much for your kind words. Not so sure sometimes about my imagination. There are some pretty talented people out there. When I see what their imagination can do...

Haha.. 20 years ago, you were probably only 60cm tall too ;-) Nut you are right, this... ahm... winter... was unusually mild.

All good over here, painting most of the time. How are you?


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Most cordial thanks for your kind attention :-)

Love it. Timely too.

Her Striking Token eyes
Bursting cloud ~ breaking ground
like a bomb that has been falling
Over a beseiged Pollen Nation.

This time yesterday morning it was raining which is not uncommon but it's a season long "mind mist" that blurs day and night together.

This looked different: a sideways-in-the-wind kind of downpour so I opened the window to get a feel for it. No sharp chill! It was almost balmy. That's it! My first call from spring. She's coming over!

Thank you for your beautiful poem!

Although its mild here for the time of the year, I think we still have to wait a bit for spring. But I'm longing for it already and can almost feel that rain you describe.

Don't see why the supernatural/magical entities wouldn't also move with the times ;D I like the brighter colours and addition of the target in the digital version :)

I agree, why should it necessarily be a contradiction. Like to play with the options digital offer on top of my traditional work.

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Thank you so very much for your well appreciated support! :-)

Jetzt kommt Bewegung in die Sache!
Ich glaube ich hab das auf Twitter gesehen (und geteilt) schaut super aus!
Hast Du eigentlich schon Communities erkundet?

Danke Otto. Ja, hatte ich auch auf Twitter... dachte ich sollte mich vielleicht mal um diesen 10 Jahre alten account kümmern.
Ja, hab schon ein wenig rumgeschaut. Nachdem ich jetzt einige Zeit pausiert hatte, gibts wohl doch wieder einiges zu lernen.

Ich habe 2 Twitter Konten - eines für mich, und eines für Visionary Art. It is easy to switch between accounts, since I share theme-specific on the VA account.
If you look into communities here, it is easy to join, open a community, on the right side click join, and you are in. Also on that side you click to start a post. When you post, you have a choice: post to community, or post to blog. If you post to community it won't show on your blog, and vice-versa. What I do is post to community, then re-steem it and then it also shows up in my blog. There may be a better way, but that is my work-around - only been doing that since yesterday.
Lol - why am I telling you this? I just checked one community I am in (but have not posted there yet) and there you are! OnChainArt - and they even pinned your post!

Ja, hat mich auch sehr gefreut :-)

Wie geht es Euch eigentlich mit Weku? Ich komm nicht mit, mit den ganzen coins und Networks. Hab gute Aufträge und bin hauptsächlich mit malen beschäftigt :-)

Nice to see your back!
Here is the discord for the recently created OnChainArt Community
Hope to see you there.
Also, could you please add the tag hive-156509 so that this post shows in the community?

Thank you for the kind welcome. Was a bit on overdose this time last year and needed a break.
As for this tag... add it to this post here or to future ones?

to this one and to all, I think your work is a jewel and would love that in our feed.

u work is excellent and creative, you said it, your art is magic

The best of both worlds - combining analog and digital techniques to do a bit of a reimagining of a piece... gotta love technology! The original painting is great, and I love the bright splash of color you went for in the digital version. Very striking! The target is a fun addition too.

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