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As the Homo Ludens that I am, I naturally had to play with the words of my title again. If you exchange just one letter, you have what the main character here perhaps might have been, more than 500 years ago. But here it also means, that we are talking about the birth, both of Venus and the blockchain. The superstars of their time.

Venus was always present in my oeuvre. Particularly Botticelli's iconic figure inspired a number of my artworks, like the Grande Venusmachine of the Libellule Project "Hommage aux Maitres".

This rare digital artwork was originally created for a makersplace project about blockchain.


The figure is a detail from the famous painting "The Birth of Venus"


When Botticelli created his masterpiece, now one of best known paintings of all times, it might have been just as revolutionary as what we see on our computers today. For me the artistic parallel to blockchain technology. The dawn of a new era in art history!

I kidnapped the goddess into photoshop to create the main character of my piece. At first I had a very different palette in mind...


For the background I combined some machine parts with the dark area I defined for the moving chain elements.


To create a stronger historic reference, I added this public domain ornament:



After that, I placed individual elements on separate layers, to prepare the animation.


The blockchain is represented by coins held together by chain links. I put it all back together in Adobe Animate for a first test run:


At this point I wasn't so happy with the mint/pink look anymore and decided to go for warm tones and make the chain elements stick out in a more gold color, to represent the creation of value. Going back and forth between Photoshop and Animate, I eventually got to the final version.


This was then tokenized as

Born Star

on makersplace at

I enjoy reading your comments!

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All photos/scans by me of my own artwork unless stated differently.



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Hey! Thank you so much for stopping by and for featuring my piece in your exquisite weekly curation Ocean of Art :-)
Had to take a longer break for personal reasons. This is still a great bloging platform and I like to tell the background story of my art here.
Looks like I have a lot to catch up to, as I do notice some changes while I was gone 🙄

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Hey, great to see you. Looks like you took a break as well. Did you finally go to steemfest?

I couldn't go this time as well.

You should have done it that time you won the ticket!

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