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Today we are constantly flooded with images, still or moving and art is no longer something for a privileged few. At least looking at and enjoying the display and performance of art of all kinds.

Owning art may be a different story. For me, owning original art is a major thrill. I'm not talking of my own work... which I can't afford, so I have to paint it myself.. haha 😜

I'm talking about art I have purchased from other artists over the years and which has built up to my very own art collection. My treasures include originals from @gric and @leoplaw, even a Safonkin and a Kris Kuksi! Quite a few more or less valuable pieces too, I love each and everyone of them dearly and I look at all of them every day!

Yesterday I purchased my first "rare digital art" piece from @twirble at her MakersPlace store Ok, you could say, what's the big deal, just a file you could just as well copy... well, that would be like photocopying a dollar note. Anyone could do it, but thing is.. that has no value! Nor does a copied file, or a printout of it.

A piece of digital art connected to a smart contract however is like a fine art print or even an original, if it exists in no other form. The editions are limited and therefore a value can be attached. I get a real kick out of looking at my wallet with a one eyed "Bob" looking back at me. Knowing, that this particular one is mine and that I could actually sell it at some point, if I wanted to!

Its all very new. Who knows, where this will take us in the not to distant future... think of how people saw bitcoin just a few years ago. What if some of these early digital artworks develop into some real treasures and everyone will say: "wish I would have gotten mine too..."

Alright, chance is now!

I just published a series of affordable "digital originals" in my MakersPlace store and all you need is some Ethereum to start your own 21st century art collection 😁


This detail of "Journey-I" for instance is one of the artworks for sale in my store.

Or get a little sunshine for as little as 0.01 eth (estimated $2.75 today)


There are some more artworks in my online store, and I made all these reasonably priced, so just about anyone who really wants to own one of these pieces, can afford it.

If you would like to add something more valuable, you could also check out my artworks on rareart.io by simply clicking on the titles of the artworks below:



"Sex Sells"




"Benign UFO"




The actual files are at a much higher resolution than the thumbnails and are suitable to be shown on meural displays

More to come on both platforms. If there is a particular painting of mine, you would like to see published as a collectable file, I welcome your suggestions!

I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork



See more of my work on BeScouted

My store on makersplace:


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Up and awaaaaay on the future traaaain!!

You are indeed a future artist. Not only getting acquainted with all that new crypto stuff but now also entering the digital art realm! Building shops and new places all over. I am impressed. Of course I already knew that you are not only owning an artistic hand but also a trading mind. But here you put it again onto the next level.

Etherum? Sigh ... Am I now forced to enter other cryptos? Just because of you? I really will think about it, dear Reinhard.

Your fan :)))


Some etherum is always good to have. With the meta mask extension for Firefox or chrome browsers it’s easy... plus on BlockTrades you can get eth for steem... grmpfhihi... don’t have my glasses with me and hope I didn’t write ehr instead of eth....

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Etherum - what a name! I always think of ether in connection with a lunatic doc giving himself some shots to get high!

"erh" and "eth" LOL! not much space between them typing on a keyboard:)


"lunatic dog"... yeah, that is funny!! 😄

Still chewing on your post with the bored gods... tough, when the girl is much smarter than I am, and I always have to read the post twelve times to get it. 😳

Weren't you going to make recordings, so I can listen to it, while I paint?


I'd be delighted if you leave a comment on that God article of mine:))

I am still searching for "garage band" application for my new laptop. Haven't downloaded it yet in order to make recordings. I will, I promise!

When reading your piece I formulated this theory in my mind: There is the object, the subject and the environment who all play a role in the meaning of a piece of art when looking at it. If one of these changes, the meaning changes. When I see a painting on a calm white wall in a museum for instance, it somehow mediates something different to me than when it hangs in a more chaotic environment such as a cafe. I can imagine that the advantage of digital art is that it can follow you with use of a smart contract and via the Internet of things, popping up where ever you do or do not expect it. Possibly generating different meanings over time, giving more possibility of reflection by the subject. The value of digital art? Enormous! Perhaps I should write an article about it ;)


Interesting theory, and it absolutely makes sense! I think digital art, when based on smart contracts has a number of advantages. Like you say, one can take it around easily. Like having a library of books in your smart phone or tablet. At the same time, artists get adequately compensated for making their works available on the web.

Curious of where this will take us and what meanings will be generated further down the road..

That we find very little of the two dimensional visual digital art in the established fine art galleries is strongly indicative of where the truly vast market for this work lies. It is "out there" in this much larger world which has, for so long, been disenfranchised by the trappings and posturing of the world of "Fine Art." Ahead lies an even more far reaching period of democratization and the advancement of new markets, modes of display and distribution that will certainly revolutionize all aspects of what we call art.


I agree completely and I am very excited, that we are part of this revolution. Amazing times!

I forgot about this site. You are always inspiring me onward into digital production. I am going to put some things up in my store as well and now I can own a digital reinhard-schmid!

I love where the art world is moving, let's hope we can stay on the bus and it doesn't leave without us ;)


Thank you, glad I could inspire you. With my store, it seems I was a bit premature, as this is only a test version on marketplace.co. They told me, that once it’s fully working it will all be on marketplace.com, but they seem to manually review everything first.

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This is insanely great!!! I'm getting on that train too. Would happily spend some eth on art, sell to buy... Soon art could be currency by itself... Science fiction. No, no, Art fiction coming true.


Its all very new and by far not enough people know about it. But exciting times for sure!

Your art is wonderful!


Thank you, yours too!

In general I experienced that all those people asking if you have prints made... once that you responded affirmative... disappear from your screen as fast as flies from the marmalade pot once that you moved your hand...except Reinhard who prefers to eat the marmalade.


Hehe... I'm sure we all have our stories about oh so interested would be collectors. Alright with me. People buy (or not) art for different reasons. When someone wants it as an investment, they go to what they think is a trusted source... can work (or not). Others simply don't feel the need to own any... instead they go see a soccer game.. everybody should be free to like what they like :-)

For me its plain addiction and I spend most of my money on art or the creation of it (tools and materials)

Ideally, someone should collect art, because of a certain passion for it. If the art is a good investment on top of this, I look at that as a "bonus" 😎

Sehr schönes Bild, auch die Farben gefallen mir..... total verspielt :-)))

Your collection is very interesting, going to check out soon

Good to see you are still doing fantastic work my friend :]

I am so honored that you alknowledge my existence let alone buy one of my tokens, your work is phenomenal, masterful, next level ; Iwill be sure to invest in one of your pieces soon; especially since it is so affordable.Would it not be beautiful if more investments were in art? I mean people trade other tokens, done as jokes. Why not trade something with intrinsic worth?


Thank you for your kind compliments. I had a lot of time to practice and I still struggle to get things right.

I have always liked your work and I'm happy I could get one of your pieces this way.

Yes, it would be nice, if this caught on a little more. Makes me sick, thinking about how much money is being buried in silly cryptokitties and stuff like that... oh well, its all very new and we are early in the game. Took a while for people to change from horses to cars as well... and look at where that took us!

Gruss sie @reinhard-schmid

Happy to read this blog ... so ... like in Music, the painting/drawing spectrum is in a dillema as well, regarding its customers?

I've presented my latest album with my Tribe as well even here via steemit with great discounts and offers to sell it for steem ... and can you believe something? Nobody's saying annything ... not even to mention the buying act ... maybe we're living in this plastic world where everything it's counted via quantity not quality ...

Hope we'll keep in touch and you'll enjoy my artworks created thru music ... the drawing is like a part-time art that i'm trying to invest time on it ... just when i have time ...

Regards and looking forward for your artistic blogs


A lot of things are changing... right now, we are so used to having many things for free or as part of some flatrate. But there will always be people who think differently and who have a different understanding of value. We just have to meet those :-)