whirlwind dance of autumn. My art work.

in art •  2 years ago

Autumn is when the NATURE comes out onto the stage of a big theater in a yellow-red suit .
The NATURE circled in the rhythm of the waltz, covering everything around in golden tones: trees, parks, forests and meadows. The orchestra from the quietest notes passes to the loud sounds of wind instruments and percussion.
And it's a moment, then the sky is covered with clouds with lightning and thunder, and the Earth pours rain on passion and expression.
... And when NATURE gets tired, the slow dance of Winter begins .. but this is another painting)

My work. linen, oil, acril

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this is beautiful ! ^_^

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Nice post


thank you!

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Have a great day!

It's very nice!))


very thanks! I am glad you like it)

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Wow this is beautiful, I love the way it has a movement effect like is a fire tornado or something and then the silhouette of the woman like dancing inside, it's awesome :D

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Good work...well done..


thanks a lot!

good job!,upvoted! ^ ^

ill be happy if you would check my work of drawing ^ ^


Lovely. Lots of color and motion expressed here. Immediately brings to mind the Art of Tai Chi...


Wow great work. Jusst followed, keep it up!

Hola se ve bien lo expresado, pero esa imagen me hacen recordar una bailarina flamenca, por la pose, y la parte baja parece el borde de su vestido, pero excelente, tus musas son varias, me gusto el hada de la música, me imagino que tendrás otras, tu describes el tema y parece que yo veo y describo otro. Sigue lo que haces, son excelentes.