The Daughter of Similipal

in art •  10 months ago

Tigress Khairi is a legend. She is the daughter of the mysterious forests of Similipal. Once upon a time she ruled not only the forest, but also the hearts of everyone in and around Similipal. Today she is no more. But her spirit lives on. When you visit Similipal just close your eyes and you can feel her presence.
Khairi Tigress of Similipal

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your post is very good, i love to read it. I will be your fans, because all your posts are very interesting for me to read.
best for you @prabalmallick


post is really very nice. hope that everyone like it and learn many think...good job


Thanks for your kind words.

wow...its a great art.... i am excited and impressed to see your post..... i waiting for your next post....i wish for your best of luck brother

your post like a short poem about used some words thats very nice..... everything in your post is just good....i waiting for your next post....



Thanks to @sanmi, this post was resteemed and highlighted in today's edition of The Daily Sneak.

Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

I love the way you captured the sunlight through the trees, and the free style you paint with!

love it, well done with the light and shadow.. and again, feels like a scenery with fresh air