Crypto Kitty - Copic Marker Art

in art •  last year

They are super cute, no doubt about it! Have any of you bought into the hype? I really wanted to join in on this, but I've just recently lost 1 btc and 1000 bts due to my own stupidity.. Pretty devastated about it, but it is what it is... So that means, no cryptokitties for me...

At least I got to draw one, and I just love how it came out <3

Materials used for making this drawing:

  • Strathmore 400 Series Mixed media
  • Size A5
  • Copic markers
  • Multiliners
  • White gel pen

Work in Progress

This picture shows the blue violet color of the cat the best. In the picture of the finished artwork, much of the details are washed out and the color looks slightly more reddish than what is truly is.

Crypto Kitty

This one is up for grabs, let me know if you are interested ^_^

Artwork for sale

I have some artwork for sale as well. If you are interested, just comment below and/or DM me on steemit chat (same username). I accept steem, btc, eth +++ . ^_^

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amazing drawing :))


Thanks ^_^

Hey!! Been a while since I've seen you (tho that's probably more cuz I've been offline for a while LOL) but omg
I'd thought about drawing some crypto kitties, too! x_x) I haven't bought any yet either, but I really want to djdvvddh

I love how sparkly and spacy your picture looks 🌠✨
I'd buy it, but I'm not doing so great with cash, myself 😅
I resteemed ya, tho! Hope you can find somebody to buy this cutie 💕💖


Hi, I'm not drawing as much as I used to after injuring my arm, so I don't post as regularly as before either.

Thank you for the resteem and great comment :D And you should draw a crypto kitty as well, tag me if you do! ^_^


OMG What happened??? ; _ ;) Are you okay??

And hey, no problem x3
Do tags work on Steemit now?? I thought they didn't. In any case, I'll show you when I draw one~✨✨


Nerve damage, it was over a year ago, it just never really healed properly. I may need surgery, but we'll see I guess. :P

Oh, I just meant like @pixielolz, so that I get a notification ^_^


Oh my gosh-- That really sucks ; - ;)
I hope you're able to get better without surgery... or if you do, then the surgery goes well ;;;__;;;)

Alfjslkd I figured that's what you meant, but I thought Steemit's notifications for @-ing people didn't work P: Or... at least not for everybody? Idk lajlkfjslkfjd but anyway, I'll @ you, tho! o v o)


(Ah, I made a post of them, and I @ you... I dunno if you saw it tho? P:)
(I could easily believe you saw it but weren't interested because they were doodles lol)

(But if you didn't see it, the drawings are here: [link])
(Have a nice day! o w o)/" )

This is Brilliant ARTWORK

Better than the Digital Ones !!!!!


Thank you :D

I'm interested about this drawing!



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Ooh i love this!!!!