Art: "Whale-ure to communicate"

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"What we got here...
is whale-ure to communicate"

Follow-for-follow is lame. Demanding follow-for-follow is psycho-insane...

Happens all day, every day... Bluntly. Using not a sliver of tact. Glibly. In a cold, mechanical, wooden manner. "I followed you and I deserve the same honour. Drop what you're doing and go do it"... Just WHO do these aquatic arthropods think they ARE??? It's slightly funny, but way more disturbing. This isn't your own personal kingdom, this is Steemit!


Now that the rant has ended...

Here's a shrimp in real life. Chillin' on the bottom of the ocean. Hasn't bossed anyone around yet. Shrimp — when you sign onto Steemit, work hard and respect others and you will grow into a cool lobster with terrifying crusher claws. Everyone is rooting for your success, but no one's here to be commanded into following you!

Thanks to Tanja Sund for the beautiful shot!

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Aww.. Love the drawing 😊 again your tallent amazed me.. Lol
Worst comment I got was:
I follow you, you follow me now. You upvote and Resteeme all my post and I do same for you.... Sure... That is gonna work. NOT 😠😠
You stop bothering me and I never hear from you again.. Good? 😁 awesome

Great comment! 99% upvote XD

Flawless victory!!!

So bossy and pushy, when will they realise... Everyone is welcome here, but behaving one's self crazily is not welcome here...

And glad you love the drawing... wish I was a little bigger on Steemit so I can be guaranteed to make one every single day :D

I really did, you have great talents and great imagination 😊👍💖 lovely combination
Oh that would be awesome, hope you get there sooner than soon

So true 👍👌 everyone is welcome and respect and common sence about how to behave. Bad behavior🔚🔚🔚🔚🔚🔙🔙
You have reached the end station, go back to ass land and leave Love steemit community to the people who loves and respect each other and love engage and support their friends.

Ass Land XD XD XD

But I'm sure they would ruin Ass Land as well...

Hi Ass, if u follow me, I'm-a gonna follow u, kk?
(gets kicked by Mr Ass)

Lolmtwhfy 😂😂 (laugh out loud more than what is healthy for you) hahaha..
Loved your Mr Ass kicker.. Lol 👍👍🤘✌️👌
Loving it. And Ms Nut cracker supports Mr Ass
So look out ass land people..

Ms. Nut Cracker sounds like a terrible situation XD

It is for others but not for you 😄
I'm your backup.. Lol

Ok then... I feel safer already ☺ ☺ ☺

@overkillcoin you're slowly becoming my favorite steemian.

lotsa people here do that, "i upvote and follow you."
i'm like, "so? whoooo caressss?!?!" and their broken english annoys me. lol

Wow what a compliment 8^)

I'm a little crazy, I think broken English can be slightly endearing at times... but NEVER when it's used to spam haha...

What I'm wondering is... where did they get the idea that such a silly approach would work? Did they have a meeting and decide that it's a viable plan of action? Did they think this through in the slightest? XD

i think it's becoming a trend. whoever made that up is here to spam the shit out of steemit. if you check "introduceyourself" tag you will see heaps of dumb ass comments like "follow for follow or i upvote you".

newbies would think it's normal and they will do the same approach.
that's what some people do, follow the mainstream. it's sad brother... :(

Sad... I never did f4f, but I did aggressively follow a bunch of users (300!) in my first few weeks, hoping they'd notice and follow back. But 3 weeks in, I realized I can't offer the people I'm following any value if there are so many of them I am overwhelmed...

So I trimmed my follows down to around 100...

I think the devs and investors have serious plans to address this, sure hope so :O

Tomorrow's post is spam-related as well :D

ditto. i aggressively follow a bunch of users on my 1st week.
my thinking was, if i follow them, they would return the favor. big mistake lol

i will wait for your post tomorrow your highness. :p

See, we learned without anyone even having to tell us.

I'm more of a "your nerdness", but thanks XD

your nerdness makes me love you

(nerd blush)

it's so LOLable xDDD Also I am allergic to shrimp u.u

@fabiyamada - thank you for visiting :) I can't wait to ink and colour this one... although I have a number of them that need to be inked/coloured... No time!

Talk to you later!

Shrimps are allergic to reason I guess...

No, I mean it, literally... If I eat shrimp I feel like I am gonna die... I died once, it was no fun at all u.u

Can't wait to see it finished!

Wow sorry to hear this :O

I almost died from sugar shock once (sugar crash, not sure the medical term for that).

Thank you for your kind support! These types of comments push me to make MOAR.

I haven't eaten any shrimp since 1990 maybe... XD I don't know the medical term for sugar shock either D: But sounds very dangerous, be carefull with your sugar ingestion is not as easy to control as just not eating shrimp o_o

Fortunately sugary foods are not something I take interest in :D

I think an extreme range of sugar causes insulin to drop, and that causes problems with black outs, dizziness, visual disturbances and disorientation XD

I like turtles.

I'm glad that's not all you've had to say today, otherwise I would take evasive maneuvers.

Love it! I once fished for shrimp down in Champerico, Guatemala. It was super fun and kind of weird. I can't wait until I get my crusher lobster claws.

I've been cod fishing near the Arctic, but your adventure sounds way better.

I think you'll get a crusher and ripper claw in no time at all!

A panda with lobster claws... interesting.

You sir are hilarious haha! The drawing had me dead, and the way you had the shrimp talk was spot on lmao Sooooo Dam robotic!

Can't wait for my crusher claws haha I'm cool with my wittle fins for now to be honest! Anything meaningful in life is only achieved through the grind and My Rep, My supporters, and My Steem was all earned through 3 months of hard work!

Great post dawg! Ps. Can you point me to where you got that cool tag at the bottom/ Point me to where I can learn how to make one. I really want to make a tag of me pulling a sword shaped like steem out of a stone and thrusting it in the air on some King Arthur shit haha

Thank you @waphilip for taking the time to comment! A lot of these crustaceans cut & paste their bull-jive, so robotic is right.

It can definitely take time on here, I've been around maybe 58 days now. It's important to reply to all comments and upload consistency, but it's not always easy... Hoping to have some break-through moments, although this week it's going pretty well.

I created the signature image from the ground up, it's kind of a pain that way. I used Illustrator, Photoshop and AfterEffects. If you work with these programs, making an animated gif is pretty straightforward.

Take care!

Haha yeah I know, it's really becoming a problem in this community!

I'm sure you will have a break though post any day now! Your really talented, and seem to be adding some uplifting content, in your own funny way haha

Thanks for the advice and pointing me in the right direction on making a GIf! Ima try and teach myself how to make one, so wish me luck! I'll let you know how it turns out when I finish!

Self-learning is always the best way I think... I recommend sketching out rough drafts before taking it digital...

Hope there's a tech solution to all the spam, it's too hard to monitor on a per-spam basis...

Oh yeah absolutely! I might have one of my friends who is more artistically inclined to draw the actual pic for me before I take it digital tho haha

And yeah, maybe we will get a solution around hardfork 59 haha

lol, this is the best. Its sad the number of comments that are like this anymore people need to get a clue!

Exactly! Last week I posted on the spam barnacle... BAM! First comment... a spam barnacle! :D

Super like this post you are so right!!!

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