My aunt rides a pig (...and some treasures left behind by my great-grandfather #10)

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My great-grandfather associated his passion for farm life with that of painting. A few miles from his home, in the region of "Bresse" in Burgundy, there were beautiful farms that pleased him a lot.

He often went, armed with his paint and watercolor notebook, to stand in front of the house of his choice, talk a little with the peasant, charm the farmer ladies and take a seat on his fold-out stool. Sometimes children came around him out of curiosity. If one of them dared to ask a question he would turn around, look at him and answer. His glass eye would surprise most children and it was rare that any other questions came to interrupt him in his work.


Messey le Bois (2)_edited.jpg

In "Bresse", stone is rare so houses are built of bricks, wooden planks and mud. Oak wood is the backbone of all farms. Whatever the shape of the roof, it always extends beyond the building in order to protect the walls. Attached to this extra section is where the farmer would hang his corn to dry - corn being an essential part of the poultry's diet.

To try and give you a better idea of what these houses look like today, I drove to the villages to try and find them again. With only my great-grandfather's paintings in hand, you can imagine it was not an easy task to look for old farms which existed more than 60 years ago. A lot of homes have been built since then and many older ones have either been renovated or completely destroyed.

Messey le Bois.JPG

In each farmyard you can either see a well or a fountain. It is an indispensable part of the farm and could be shared with one or more neighbors. As you can see from both paintings, a trough was often placed near the well or fountain for the cows and horses to drink.

Tractors made their first appearance on Burgundian farms between the late 1950's to the 1960's.

The famous French motor vehicle Renault was one of the main provider. Some of the older red models can sometimes be found all rusty and overgrown with ivy, abandoned in fields or in old warehouses/mechanic's shop.

In his lifetime, my great-grandfather must have witnessed some massive advancements in the industrial sector. He represents this fast-changing era here by showing us the old and the new ways of ploughing: the horse and the tractor.

Gigny (2).JPG

The Saône river which passes partly in Bresse often overflows. The day my great-grandfather wanted to paint this farmhouse, it had water right up to the front door. The flood of the Saone had once again reached the village of Gigny.

Unfortunately, I went searching for this house to show you what it looks like today, but never found it. It was a fun outing nevertheless.

Beyond the artistic challenge, he enjoyed sharing scenes of the everyday life in the countryside. It was his way of showing his love for this environment.

To the left, he shows us a horse slowly pulling a hay cart on a summer evening.
On the right, a cow is calving. The farmer brings water and a towel to the two men who, with the help of a rope, help the cow extract its calf.


And to finish here, a few painted sketches of farm animals seen under various angles.
Life in the countryside, among the animals of his farm, was his greatest source of joy.
On the front door of the stable he had engraved what most reflected the meaning he had given to his life: RURIS AMOR, which means: LOVE OF THE COUNTRYSIDE.

And since you've been so patient, here is a photo taken by my great-grandfather of my aunt riding a pig, 60 years ago. I had no idea pigs liked to be ridden! (see... it wasn't just clickbait)



All paintings in this series were made by my great-grandfather, Robert, seen here with his parents and siblings in 1912 (standing 3rd from the left).

Henri Pensa et sa famille_edited.jpg

A big thank you to my mom who often tells me the stories of her grandfather and the people of his village (which is now also hers) who, by sharing their memories of yesteryear, help me to describe his life through his paintings.

Don't hesitate to leave comments, ask questions, and share your ideas - I love to hear from all of you.

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“Learning is not a race for information, it is a walk of discovery” - Jane Healy

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beautiful post.

That is very cool! As a person who lives in the country, I really appreciate the history! What architecture! Wow I’m always dazzled by houses like that... a well in each yard. How things have changed. That’s cool your mom still lives there & it makes me smile to see you documenting his work on the blockchain :) makes me think of some of my grandma’s drawings I could share 💕

YES! Share share share! I would love to see them.
Our ancestor's drawings and paintings are such a great way to tell the stories of the lives they lived. And compare it to how we live today. It's been a fun journey for me, I'm sure you'd enjoy doing it too.

Awesome! Thanks for the encouragement! I’m actually visiting my parents where the drawings are stored 😉✨ so magical timing. Your great grandfather was a great painter!

Perfect timing. Drop me the link or let me know when/if you make a post so I don't miss it.
Thanks @mountainjewel. Super happy he still inspires others.

Will do ✨ isn’t that wonderful that the inspiration keeps flowing through space & time? 😘

It sure is. Cosmic energies unite :)

alright dearest! here's the post detailing grandma's art and some of her life :) thanks for the inspiration XO

WOW! So happy I could inspire this amazing post Wren!! The quality of your posts is off the charts awesome. No joke.
Beautiful tribute. Surely your grandma is smiling down on you today 😍

what a charming man, I think I would really have enjoyed meeting him. Plus I love his drawings and painting style and subjects. Such a lovely post @osm0sis...:-)

Thanks Ruth. You're like my number 1 fan ;-)

I think I am, for real! I always love and connect with your posts <3


such a skill!

Thank you :)

Wisest aunt ever ;) I bet she rides pigs too.

I do believe you have your grandfather's artistic ability. Love the photo of your aunt riding the pig! Brings back memories of my Granddad's farm where we could ride the sheep.

YEEHAAW! First time I ever saw children riding sheep was at the Calgary Stampede. That looked like a lot of fun! And if you fall, it's not from very high.
Thanks @cecicastor

Joli coup de pinceau le grand père
J adore voir les photos d époque avec les beaux costumes 👍

J'adore ces vieilles photos aussi... Surtout ne pas sourire! On dirait qu'ils ont tous vu un fantome.

I stopped by to say thank you for supporting my Fork In The Road post and upon opening your page I became captivated. Great writing, great art, great work! Thanks a lot for the support, I truly appreciate it and thanks for sharing this!

You're so very welcome @dandays :)
I love what yo do as well and am glad to support your art and creativity.
Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to look through my posts. Happy you like them!

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Katkılarınız için teşekkür ederim.

Teşekkür ederiz @pinarhanpolat. Suluboyalerini görmeye gideceğim :)

This is so beautiful. What treasures you have from your grandfather. I love watercolors, so serene. He was certainly talented. Enjoy them, and keep the stories alive! Wonderful!

I will try. Thank you for your kind comment :)

Those paintings by your g-granddad are wonderful. Lively and full of spirit.
I'm happy you got them passed down to you.

science fiction, fantasy, erotica

Thanks Joe!

The paintings are all so pretty 😍 i cant help it but to fall in love with them.

Haha thanks @vaelriey. Fall away :)

I love his work, and that you are making an effort to find some of the places he painted!

I tried but failed miserably this time. I think the first photo of the house I took may be the first painting displayed but I'm not so sure. In any case, it's super fun to try and find the houses. Makes me feel like a detective. Call me Sherlock ;-)

I love seeing your possibilities! Keep searching!

your grandfather is a living legacy... very nice art pieces..

Thanks @jezmacher. Happy you like them :)

how beautiful everything is in grandpa's drawings and how happy the animals are :)
I appreciate his talent. I loved it a lot. and the first time that I saw a pig to ride: D
Your aunt is very brave. thanks for the perfect sharing. I know a little bit about your family and about the farm life :)

Your grandfather is a gifted artist and a creative individual . I know you are proud of his works. And hopefully you have some of his talent inherent in you also @osm0sis

Hopefully hahaha ;)
Thank you for your kind comment @obest

@osm0sis fantastic and amaizing i love this painting i voted you amd appriciate you

its a marvellous photography buddy.... u also shows something new in this pic......
carry on.. u will surely reach a bettr destination in this community......

Thnxxxx fr sharing with us...😃😃😃☺☺👌👌👌👌

Wow.. great art.
I like it..

Wow, these are gorgeous paintings—thanks for sharing them!

Thanks :) glad you like them