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This is probably going to be one of my favorite posts, since I really like the people in my picture. It took me two and a half weeks to do this work and I can tell you that I put a lot of effort, love and time into making it look right.

The technique I used is oil painting technique on canvas, which is 50x70 cm in size. I used different brushes, from round to square, since I bought new sets of brushes of different sizes for this work .. When it comes to colors, I usually use five basic colors and mix them with all other colors and get different shades .. like as you can see, in this picture the largest area is occupied by the background, which is a mix of yellow, red and orange. I decided on this background because it seemed to me that I would express better people in the picture with this color.

I found the inspiration for this picture in children of my sister. These are two cute and many adorable children, a girl now entering first grade and a boy who finished third. He is more a sport guy, he is interested in sport, most of all football and now he is a big boy, so he is not interested in liking others so much, but she is a different story .. she loves me and I love her. They say she inherited a love for drawing from me, so I got inspiration thanks to her. She is very sweet and always surprises me with some of her works, works where she draws me, my favorite animals .. and she is adorable!

I drew this work for her seventh birthday to make her happy, but I did not want to draw only her, also her brother, so that they would have a common picture. Her birthday was the day before and when I took her picture, her happiness was not over. When I saw the smile on her face, my heart was full and I was overjoyed that I made her happy too. My sister was also thrilled, even crying .. otherwise I don't like to see the tears of dear people however, these were tears that show joy, so I was glad to bring so much joy to their house.

I hope you like my work as well as them. :)


This is the original..


And the steps of my work..

















They are so cute! It must be so different to paint people you love.

They look happy and I would say like they were the best buddies.

I like the background. It looks like it was golden hour. Very pretty. I also like the flower detail. It gives another perspective to the painting.

I'm sure that she was happy with her birthday gift and I'm glad to hear that she inherited the love for art from you :)

Have a lovely day and congratulations on your curie vote!

Thank you very much. :)
Yes, it is different when you draw the people you love, invest a lot more love and emotions.

I'm glad you like the background because I watched it fit into the whole picture. I'm glad I made it.
You're right, they're like best friends, especially since he acts like a real older brother and defends her and helps her with everything.

Thank you again for such nice comment. :)

Very cool artwork. Excellent portrait. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for commenting. :)


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You did a wonderful job. Beautiful!
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Thank you. :)

What a wonderful piece, @nesni996 :) You captured the happiness of your nephew and niece so wonderfully ! And what a great birthday gift this must have been :D To share the world of art with your niece must be a special connection between the two of you <3

Congrats for curie, as well :D

Thank you very much, I'm glad you like my work. :)
And, yes, we have a special connection because of art and I hope it will be even stronger. :)

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Thanks a lot. :)

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Thanks a lot. :)

halo dear @, absolutely amazing the resemblance of your work with the photo! I can only imagine the joy of your niece, this gift will have fueled even more her passion for drawing! it must be nice to be able to paint the people you love, because it will not only be a portrait but there will be all your love in them that will always accompany them :-)) congratulations

I'm glad you like my drawing. You're right, it's a beautiful feeling when you can draw the people you love and see the smiles on their faces. Also, I put a lot of love into my paintings and I'm glad it can be seen. :)

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Amazing post! I love the story, the process pictures, and the end result. This must have been a joy to work on :-) Glad you shared your work with us @nesni996!

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Thank you very much for commenting. I'm glad you like my work, and, yes, it has been a joy to work on this. :)

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