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Hi guys!

For today, I have prepared for you my latest work, a drawing of a stafford. My friend wanted from me to draw him his dog. He did not have any desire for the background, but he wanted to the dog in the focus of painting. It made me a little annoyed, since I like people tell me what they want, but in the end I decided to come up with my own background. Given that he told me that he had an orange wall in the room, I decided to have orange sky in order to connect the sky with the wall color and the dog remained in the foreground. Before I show you the procedure, I want to say something about this type of dog. These are mostly some of the information that he gave me, since he has been asking a lot about this type of dog and I am not a great connoisseur of them.

Stafford was a dog formed as a mixture of terrier and bulldog, which changed the names over time. For the first time, this dog appeared in the nineteenth century in Great Britain and he is today very well known and sought after among dog lovers.
Previously, this type of dog was used in dog battles, however, in the mid-nineteenth century these battles were forbidden, so this type of dog became part of the family. They are known as brave and loyal dogs, who love the ones who feed them.

What is especially funny to me and what I heard, is that in the First World War, this type of dog received the rank of sergeant in the army, since he kept spies and saved many lives. Some were also celebrated as actors in films.

In the twentieth century, this type of dog spread to all continents in the world and was recognized in the federation. My friend also told me that this kind of dog can be very smoother and that he likes children. When I saw him for the first time, I could not believe it because he seemed angry to me. Over time, I realized that it all depends on the one who cultivates the animal, that is, his relationship with the dog is friendly, therefore the dog is not angry on him. I also saw their beautiful pictures, when a dog kisses him, he plays with him, which was very strange to me, because I first thought that I would be afraid of this dog. Although it looks dangerous, when a man sees a little better, this dog is a child in the soul. It is very useful, since it keeps the house, the property and at the same time he is very quiet.


Here are some basic information about this dog that he told me and below is my drawing, or the process of my drawing. I hope you'll like it.
The drawing is made with oil on canvas, the size is 40 * 30 cm, and the initial steps are made with a pen....


















hi @nesni996
I hate not having any artistic quality !! Your work is beautiful and I really like seeing the design process up to the final result. The background you have chosen and the colors are perfect, it was better that the client did not give you any suggestions! The dog is alive, seems to come out of the painting to go with us !! Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us

Thanks a lot on such a nice comment.
I'm so glad you like my work.
At the beginning, I doubted about the color of the background, but I think this was the best choice.
Thank you once again, I hope you will give me nice comments in the future also. :)

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Thank you very much. :)

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Hi nesni996,

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Thank you a lot. :)

Wow, you've painted it really well. The reflections in the water add more depth to it. And, the dog looks so cute and innocent while enjoying the sunset there.

Have you given it to your friend? What did he say? I'm sure it made his day 😀

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Thank you very much. I'm so glad you like my work. :)
He was delighted. He immediately went to make a frame for this painting and sent me a picture of it.
He told me that his friends and familly were all excited because of the picture and told me he hope that I will draw something else for him. :)

Great! :) I look forward to what you paint next.

Hello! ~^^~

On the preface: that's honestly so nice (and frustrating) that yah drew a stafford but were told to not give a background, so glad yah did slap on a background to this as it really help defines the dog and make it so much nicer to look at the dog. Also the history section, though restricted and limited to when the breed came about, was quite nice and gave a little exposure to how human society used to treat animals. Also look at the USMC's current representative: Sgt. Chesty (The English Bulldog) for that cultural oddity. Also that's cute with the dog being mean to yah but so nice to kidderinos~

On the post itself, the amount of fotos (photos) to the text present on just the process itself was intensive. From the grid line sketch to the painting and to then work on the background, just nice and very protracted. Especially when it goes from feeling like a mere drawing of a dog to the impression of a dog that can tell a million stories even when in context. It feels much like an oil on canvas that yah did here, but it could be acrylic which the paint does feel thick and very life-esque. It feels like more than a mere impressionism and more like a cartoony-realism that captures the dog's existence more than an actual realism of the doggerino itself. So that's great of yah and very sweet of yah to make for yer friendos. <3

So congratulations on the @curie upvote, keep on painting and happy steeming!

Thank you so much on such nice words. I really tried to make the painting beautiful. Otherwise, I always draw with a lot of love and that makes me happy. As for the text itself, I wanted to show only some of the basic things I heard about this kind of dog, but I could not find more information.

Also, as far as acrylic painting is concerned, I'm glad to see that someone draws by this technique, however, I realized that this technique is not for me. I paint my works for a few days, sometimes for longer and I prefer oil colors as they slow down and I can make more layers. Acrylic paint quickly drops down and then I have a problem to draw so quickly.
Thank you once more, I hope you will like my next posts. :)

Welcome for the comment! ~^^~
Thanks for the reply (I do quite agree on the oil-acrylic preferences), will look towards the next few posts and thanks again for sharing the post!~

A very beautiful work, the colors are great, the sunset is a good choice to give more atmosphere to the work, a funny dog, I congratulate you, I am also in the art magazine and I would like your opinion, in this way we would support to the group that is the objective, to be all of us and to support us ututly to grow more, greetings.

Thank you very much. Your comment means a lot to me. I'm glad you like my work and I hope you will like some of my next posts.
Of course that I'll give you a support in this project, I'll follow you immediately.
Thank you again for such a nice words. :)

I like that you wrote a lot about the creation of this painting. Though you were annoyed at first about the lack of description about the background, I feel that the one you painted here is beautiful and I wonder maybe if your friend provided you with one, it might not be as good since he's not an artist.
And I agree totally about how you feel about dog, they really reflect the environment and the family they live with. If some people in the past can live with tigers and lions without getting mauled to death, then surely this Stafford breed is not as evil as some believe.      
Congratulations for your curie vote ^_^.

Thank you very much. I agree with you. Perhaps he'd better not ask me to draw something the way he wanted. However, artists should leave little opportunity to express their own art and think. :)
This dog is beautiful, I agree with you. I would like to have someone like this.
Thank you again for commenting.:)

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What a lovely painting of this doggo, I bet your friend will love this!

And I really loved that you wrote a lot about the history of this breed of dog, before I knew very little about stafford dogs. That was a very nice touch to this post ^^

Thank you very much. I'm glad you like my work. :)
You are right, my friend was delighted. He told me that he is so happy because he will have some remind on his dog all of life. :)

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