"Radiance" - 14th layer = Blue - Final layer

in art •  9 months ago 

DONE after many tweaking ....

"RADIANCE" 14th Layer = blue - final layer

More about the full technic in 14th layers:

this will be follow by a slides show of the full technique.

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It is so fucking amazing!!! You just blown my mind. Now I have to follow you.

Upvote and hugs! Keep doing incredible art. (I'm sorry for my bad English haha)

hey thanks so much!!!! i am pretty slow so keep on following..... much love

Hey thanks so much!!!! i
Am pretty slow so keep on
Following..... much love

                 - nadversion56

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

What a beautiful painting, I love how the various colours blend nicely in this art.
Congratulations for your curie vote :).

Thank you so much for the love!!!

This is really wonderful, @nadversion56! I have been following each iteration of layers development as you post them here on Steemit, and it is amazing how each layer add, evolve and bring this into its final version <3

The colours are so vibrant and so alive <3 Gorgeous artwork ! <3 <3 <3

thanks so much @veryspider!!! thanks to follow. Every layer has its own action in the painting. This colour technic is quite perfect even if i am not. it is avery organic way to work with colours

I love how the different layers of light shining through, radiating beauty, calmness and peacefulness in your beautiful piece of artwork. The colours are soothing to the eyes amazingly. The hand and the lotus flowers are very nice addition too. I love how this piece transformed through the different layers in your blogs. When you add the different layers, how did you decide on the order of the colours?

I use the 7 colours of the rainbow which are 3 primary colours ( red yellow blue) and 3 secondary colours (orange green violet) + one which is Indigo. I go from blue to red then red to blue. i am not choosing the colours I will do next as it is establish in the colour technique, i am choosing the hue of each colours i use see more explanations here: https://steemit.com/art/@nadversion56/phoenix-and-the-looking-glass

Ah cool. That is a very deep sense of colour decision technique. I like the simplicity in the complexity of it all. You are a very talented artist @nadversion56. Thank you for sharing your work with us. Happy Sunday to you :)

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Thanks you very much for your appreciation of my work , Happy days to you

:) Thank you @nadversion56!

Ah cool. That is a very deep sense of colour decision technique. I like the simplicity in the complexity of it all. You are a very talented artist @nadversion56. Thank you for sharing your work with us. Happy Sunday to you :)

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I love how vibrant this piece is and how surreal the impression it leaves. It's like spiritual awakening frozen for a moment.

Thanks @adamada !!!! i like that "spiritual awakening frozen for a moment."

There are so much colors and lightning going on there yet it's not too distracting and all blends in perfectly. It has a meditative and peaceful feel to it which I love.

This is amazing! Can't believe this is the 14th layer, how long did it take you to make this?

Thanks so much for your appreciation and love. difficult to say how long, i begin in mid April. i don't work all the time either, as i am volunteering my work in the community i live here in India.

Wow! Since April? That's a long time!! But its all good.

Glad to hear that you are helping make your community a better place by volunteering. What is it all about?

I live in India in a community of followers of Meher Baba. I work on all related to events, designing improvement of facilities, everything related to our theatre, making sets. Listing all the paintings here and taking care of it. painting sign etc...... whatever is necessary.

This is my first time hearing about him, who is he?

Wow! You definitely do put in your all into that, it must have a special place in your heart.

Meher Baba has been my guide for most of my life. He is my all.
check his name on google and if you have questions i will be happy to answer if i can. with love

Okay! I will be sure to check him up! Thank you for being so welcoming...

most welcome

I really like the color blending, gives the psychodelic feel for sure!

thanks so much!!! with love

Hi @nadversion56, I felt bless that I came across your drawing. I fall in love with this drawing immediately after I laid my first eye sight on it.
This drawing could felt your love and patience on what you want to deliver especially the eye and the light of sun. It was amazing.
I only can interpret the drawing as god looking after us and HIS caring with the hand. May I know what would you like to deliver with the human top portion at the top of the drawing? For me it look like a buddha.

How long it took you to complete this 14 layers?

Thanks so much for the love!!! many thing in the painting come by itself like the top portion with the deity. I have no idea who she is or what she is. i am waiting for somebody who may explain it to me.
Difficult to say how long, i begin in mid April. i don't work all the time either, as i am volunteering my work in the community i live here in India

@nadversion56, actually it very incredible if you have painted something just came to your mind. She actually looked alike to buddha. You really have a lot of patience just to complete this spiritual art. For me, it more like a calling, He guide you to draw out his message which he would like pass to us. I love this very much @nadversion56

yes it is like a calling.

Yes that was the word i been searching. Its a calling from god. Happy Thanks giving, may god bless you with happiness and wherever you are .

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Thank you!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!! keep Happy with love

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thanks for the support!!!

After many separate posts with the process we finally see the result of your work. The painting reflects its names , using such warm colors, like red and yellow you created the feeling of warmth and comfort. Like the iris of eye, that is always fascinated me the complexity of the structure of Iris, with multiple septations and green matches very well to red and yellow. Like that you made one side on right highlighted, that gives an impression that there is a main source of light and the stuff in left lower corner receiving less. Also the idea to combine natural light with electric bulbs is really fun :)

thanks you very much for you appreciation and understanding of the painting. with much love

Hi nadversion56,

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Thanks for the support!!!

¡Hola @nadversion56! Es una obra preciosa, las manos reciben, toda la luz del universo, abre siempre tus manosn para que recibas esa luz, para que sigas brillando en steemit, te felicito por el voto curie, cariños y besos.

Thanks you so much for your appreciation, the hand receive and give the light, keep on opening the heart. with love

Wow! it most be a lot of work to make it layer by layer, I saw the previous layers and it always looks beatuful, but it is as you say, the result is a subtle combination of previous colors! Like it very much, you are very talented. Congratulations!

well thank you, the eye is creating the world around you from the abyss of your being. all is a reflection in the house of mirrors.

I find a great spiritual encounter here and it is excellent when in art we play with the aesthetics of (own) spirituality and include modern things like light bulbs representing light as a whole. The eyes of the sun are magical... I am glad to find things like these, it is a unique art

thank you so much for your deep understanding and appreciation of my work. the eye is the creator from the abyss of your being. all is reflections in the house of mirrors.

Oh, the eye is everything, soul and beauty...

This is so amazing and resplendent, I loved that it has so many flashes of light. It has a spiritual and mystical aspect, it is fantastic. Congratulations for such a majestic work of art, I imagined it on the roof of a cathedral.

Oh Thank you so much!!!! Yes let's put it on a Cathedral ceiling. I will be up for that.