Steemit card's #11 (@teammorocco & @roxane & @fitinfun)

in art •  last year  (edited)

Hello ☺ how are you Steemian . In my previous post I put a picture of the card. Which I call. Steemit card's so I decided to design other cards for some of my favorite steemian in this wonderful community.

Today I decided to change the way cards are displayed. By adding some of the things that are decorated with them and which will show their pictures below the subject. If you like the idea, do not hesitate to comment .upvote.

Today my theme will be given to 3 of my favorite people in Steemit.
@teammorocco . @roxane . @fitinfun


I hope they will be impressed. There are a lot of beautiful things I will present later. Only I need encouragement from you.













Yesterday I made these simple things with the help of my little sister. Which I want to present as a gift to this wonderful community. Stemit is worth a lot. I think I'll give him a lot. As a thanks for what he has to offer me.



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This is beautiful! Thank you so much. You have made my day today! Resteeming and tweeting :)


Thank you @fitinfun this is a little creativity. I was glad because you liked it


I do - this is a really good thing you are doing :)


Thank you so much

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very nice article @moroccantoughts
beg respect from morocco


Thank you @hassanbenali
Peace from morocco

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Impressionnant je voie que tu as du talent caché @moroccantoughts. si tu veux en peut parlé sur discord je vai t'attendre aujourd’hui.


Mrc bcq @teammorocco. Oui bien sur j'ai plusieurs talents caché . J'ai juste besoin d'une stimulation .

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