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I wanted to thank everyone for the comments and support..
As I am working on this platform I am learning what it takes to make posts compelling on this platform.

Coming soon I will have the rest of the J portrait to post, and I am scheduled to work with a new model this week.

"B-roll "is a term applied to "background " footage. In news or other broadcast; a narration or type will appear over a montage of footage. That would be audio over a "B-roll"/

For the past few decades I have been a "B-roll" movie star.
I very rarely get a portrait of more than the back of my head with my artwork.
This is not a joke, is an actual instruction to the hairdresser. My hair needs to look good from the back as no one shoots my face. I need a "great back of head" cut.

This is a rare portrait of my face from this last Aug.


The photo credit is to:*F

Here is an example of me in "B" roll.
My cameo is time stamp 2.20

I can't imagine how many shots are out there. I know they extend back to at least the late 90's.
I rarely ever get anything back.

In the 2000's I began making time lapse films for youtube.
In truth they never gained much traction on youtube.

Yet, for a period of time I was "B" roll (no audio) in the major subway systems in New York, Philadelphia, etc.
This was late 2000's and these screens were nationwide in coffee shops, public transit.. trivia, advertising and "B" roll.
So ultimately this lead to millions of people seeing me.. sorry, seeing the "back of my head".

Here are some examples of these videos:

These videos do contain music. The music use either followed the policy of the band's requirements or the artist granted written permission.
Courtney Love's response when I asked was simply;"yes"

This was in the MYSPACE era.. and I found the exchange humorous.
When I sent her the video, She never commented again.
She did receive it because she published the audio immediately, I think she forgot about the recording.

I should have clarified what version of the song I was using.. but it must have been acceptable.
I have great respect for her for that simple gesture; "yes"

I again want to thank you, I am going to finish out this post with a bunch of shots of the back of my head , the finished work associated with the photo, some story, and maybe some unflattering pictures I think are cool anyway.

Picture set: Am I going bald?

Highlight on the part caused some distress a few times over. Was I balding? (not yet)freaksow.jpg


This part effect shows up a couple times.
It was essentially "bed-head".





Moving on from camping hair styles, let's jump to the "I am eating at the easel" shots:





The cat only appears at a live event when the work will be auctioned or is compromised. There were some really aggressive contracts going on for a while. They would demand a three grand painting for a 300 ticket. I would paint a cat.
Many artists do not know the laws regarding fine art. In my state of California there are a series of civil codes relating to artwork.

These get intense.. but from my perspective it's simple. If I "give" away a painting worth a sum to an "event" that is uneducated they may mishandle (they do), damage (they do), or destroy art because a SJW virus has infected their brain. They (may) and very much do break the law and violate my rights.
It's not worth my time to prosecute them for their ignorance. So.... they get a cat or nothing.



Ego and greed.
There was a grab for the artwork at this event.
I had READ the contract and was stuck going.
I ducked the liability by doing the cat.
It was only after the festival closed did I learn I could keep my painting.

It was a lost opportunity for me. I would have much rather painted sexy people swimming.

There is a very consistent recipe.
NPC studied art, but lacked discipline, and determination. They work very little on their craft, but they are very active in politics and power playing. Their art is an afterthought, being a critic, jury member or gate keeper is their primary goal.
Their goal is to suppress you because you challenge them or remind them of what a husk they are. They will do whatever it takes to not let you succeed because if you do, they are shown to be hollow.

I dealt with this fiercely at a particular festival. A coked out friend of the event producers was particularly nasty to me as I tried to set up. I was never allowed to finish.

Ultimately I set up at the DJ or artist's camp for the rest of the weekend.
On the last day of the event Kokey was still dripping out the nostril when he came up to me an apologized.

His excuse was very telling, " I was intimidated because you are famous. I never dealt with a famous artist before."

So if I follow his logic. .. I am supposed to know that he thinks me famous, then in advance I should KNOW I am famous, and therefore I should accept his completely unprofessional behavior and his passive aggressive apology.
He dropped it.

"I am very glad he cleared that up for me.
I was just the guy who showed up on time and set up, told I needed 40 ft of extension chord and waited to get plugged in with 40 ft of chord for 4 hours. "

He had played deadpan, pretending to be helpful but making it drag out longer and longer.
There was an outlet 10 ft away.

Ultimately I saved a buck, I saved a large wood panel for the next event.
I made a cat and this lovely portrait at the next event.


It is ironic that this is why I got into live festivals and painting. Galleries, art studios, juried festivals wouldn't accept me.
I was this or that, but not right for them.

For the longest time it was just me painting alone on the dance floor.


This is not the case anymore and one of the reasons I am limiting/slowing/ending touring.
After 31 years of professional labor. It get's a bit rough when someone's girl friend living out of her van is "curating" my artwork outside of contract or legality because she is dating the D.J. She most certainly damaged the painting as she replaced it with sub par work.
Ironic as I was "needed" at this show as no other artist wanted to go.
As soon as I was billed the work flooded in, and although I was the only artist present I was suffocated in schlock via the "curator".
It feels like moths coming in. The want to climb all over my sweater and eat pieces ,absorbing me.

There is a very specific reason why I went into such figure work and another reason why my figures will often be nude.
It has to do with clones and critics.
I would have people clone me and make an entire career claiming my work as their own.
I had to go to a place that was so difficult no one could follow.
As I got there I would get "out of left field" anger and hostility because someone thought a figure in a painting looked "gay" or the painting was "gay"


Gay? Paintings can have a sexual identity??
News to me, I guess I will have to drop some nut sacks out of boxers then.


"made you look"

Or this very abusive line from a truly sick man and his cronies:

"The painting was amazing until you put a big f"ing dick in it"

"Yeah, whatever, my friend did the naked pub crawl and we thought it would be funny"

The unpleasant man says: " and i was going to buy it, too"

((word to wise.. if anyone Ever says " And, I was going to.....".
It generally translates to:
"i never had any intention too, but my real intention was to manipulate the situation to this point so I could wound you better.))

This year that painting sold for 419000 TWD or 12500 usd. The highest sale for any original in my career.
It is in a private museum in Taipei.


The seething clone is a story for another time.
DURDEN.. not even the name is real.

If you see this chances are it is no longer my work.


In closing I leave you with some happy portraits of me, and dear friends.















Wow! What an awesome post this is. I like everything about it, the videos, the photos, the art!!! <333
And congratulations for selling your art piece for 12500 USD, that is certainly a great accomplishment ^_^.

Thank you. My work is becoming successful internationally. This helps the most.

Wow ! Wonderful post !

Nothing more constructive to add !

Sorry : that contrasts with the rich personal story you shared and the tons of geat images and videos accompanying it ! :D

Thanks for sharing ;)

thank you so much.

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Thank you so much.

I already said this in email to you but I guess I just wanna say this again: THIS POST IS AMAZING <3

I am so glad that you took the time to put this post together, Pat :) I think it will help people get to know you and your talents <3

Imma signal boost with a resteem, cuz i'm loving your recent commitments to steemit!!!! <3 <3 <3

You have been very supportive, thank you.

Awesome artworks. I'm already bald, needless to say It's incredibly difficult in this field, seems you are no stranger to that. Would love to see that last painting finished!

Bless you. My hair is full but that part shows up badly in photos especially at a campground. I am no stranger to the difficulty of it all. it is default. My break seems to be arriving in Asia if I can just keep it going. II have sold a few hundred paintings over nearly two decades. Few literally 3 or 4 went internationally and a large portion went to the Western U.S.

With a content placement in Taipei 2018 I won a Salon of 8 works for 2019 to show. Art Revolution Taipei it gateways into Asia. I am hoping this will be a break. Eight in one year is a break.

That's impressive! Asia seems like a strange change in direction but looks like it is working out well for you. All the best for 2019, looking forward to seeing more of your work here.

Just to be blunt. Asia still has enough history and sense to appreciate drawing. Bright colors and graphical representations with strong design never left Asia. It isnt any change in direction is it a gateway to a tremendous market for art.

Absolutely, I've seen a lot of incredible art come from Asia but it's not that often that I hear of artists travel there to exhibit or work, maybe I'm just not paying close enough attention. In any case, looking forward to seeing your adventures there.

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A most amazing story!
Thank you for sharing this [and screw the clones/critics ;D ]!

Thank you. I think that's right, critics have no place out of a classroom.

Clones are a tough issue.
I would HOPE everyone in the arts are there to benefit each-other.
Rivalry, competition, sport all can be fantastic for art in general, and artists themselves.
When it is done with an honor or code.
It neither needs to be written or spoken; it is just right.

When someone would break laws in California known as unfair Business practices it is open to litigation.
It's unfair completion, false advertising, then there is "derivative art", copyright infringement.

It's not a way I would encourage young artists to proceed.
Engage in essentially criminal behavior against a fellow artist and infringe on their ability to make money.
Theft to the basest level.
It's more common than I would ever prefer.

This individual has taken so much and appears in my life.
They are stuck in this trap of their own making and I can't get away fast enough.
Trying to get into Asia before he works a clone and tries to push me out.
He appears to suppress anger that i was able to survive being stolen from.

I like when people share their personal stories :) Thank you for that!

Your paintings are amazing and I love to see photos of you in 'action'. You look very focused and determined.

Congratulations on your art becoming popular :)

howdy again sir morangallery! I saw this post and recognized the name from a couple days ago, this is some very interesting and unique artwork again! There is no way that anyone could accurately copy your work can they? Because this is like nothing else being done I bet.
Anyway this is another awesome post and I sure hope your growth here on steemit is fast!

The figure work in oils is my safe haven. Others have worked to clone this but they don't have the training background so it doesn't make it.. It is still scary. I love inspiring people but if you are trying to corner me out of my own market that is very unpleasant and happens very often.

well sir it's shocking that the business is so cutthroat, that's just wrong!

people look for doesnt work but they took a bite out of you on the way down. I never worked like that.

I understand. You do it the right way and those other people will never be successful.

You would be surprised. I was. I am very surprised how far they go.

What an incredible artist you are! Your story is quite amazing, thanks for sharing it. I'll be looking forward to seeing more from you!

Thank you Melinda. Having work seen and appreciated is a great reward. Secretly I will stand away from my paintings when they are on display. Just to see the reactions. A great gift.

Hello @morangallery, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

thank you very much

Very interesting post and your work is a lot of fun. Glad to have discovered a dedicated fellow artist here on Steemit. Any success you have is deserved.

thank You Kathleen. I greatly appreciate the effort you took to write this. I just began following you and look forward to exploring your work. Cheers.