Prodigal Concept Art Project - First Finished Concept + Process Gif

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So the development comes together here with a finished concept. If you guys have been following along up until now you've seen where this concept started. If you haven't seen any of that you can start here, but here are the important images



I combined a few of the ideas I explored earlier for this concept. One where this main building is in a dense city, but also I liked the green atmosphere idea. This is an alien planet, so I thought that made that a decently easy read.

The process for this started in 3D. I started by creating the city with a technique that I talked about in this stream where I demo'ed how to create greeble.

I also used a bit of kitbashing to get some of the secondary hero buildings, which is the process of using pre-made models and jamming them together to get different objects.

The final result out of the 3D software was this


This is called a beauty pass. In 3D the different lighting and material elements can all be separated into layers. For visual effects, typically this is what is done. You then take those layers and put them together in a compositor, like After Effects, or in my case since I'm making a still image Photoshop works fine as well. A beauty pass is all the elements together.

Then there are the individual passes. You can render out many more types of passes, but for this I only needed, the Diffuse(color), Reflection, and Emission(lights). You can see them all below.




Then there's the information passes. So in visual effects, you can use these information passes for a ton of various tasks, but for what I'm doing I'm using them for selections. With all this detail that the 3D produces, I can use these passes in a variety of ways to select different areas of the image.



Object ID

Material ID

So I then take all that information out of the 3D software and bring it into Photoshop to start painting. You can see some of the process below.


As always, hope you all are enjoying the process and thanks for stopping by. Let me know what you think in the comments!


So amazing artwork @midlet !! ❤

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Technical POWA!

That final animation pulls it all together for us non-technical folk and looks DOPE!! LOL

Thanks @beatking13 :)

Hi @midlet!

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Thanks @utopian-io and @ocd! :D

As usual @midlet, you make me proud. It looks like magic, but I love it.

Thanks @jluvs2fly! <3

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Hello, @midlet! I like the result. You put a lot of work into this. This is a good concept of the city on the alien planet. Very gloomy and frightening. It seems that something terrible is about to happen.

p.s. After our recent conversation, I created a drawing. It does not exactly reflect what I was talking about but just a funny picture.


Haha, very cute alien @feelisgood! And thanks! Glad you like the result :)

What an amazing artwork! I'm very impressed by your artistic talent, I think now you have one more follower to add to your almost 550. :)!

Thanks @mervin-gil! Glad to have you :)

amazing stuff, @midlet :D i curated it immediately for c-squared :D :D :D

great in-depth progress shots, also ! 3D arts are always magical to me * __ *

Thanks spidey! :) You're the best!

Wow, nice concept art, @midlet (would it be strange if I say Incredible, because for me it is)! ^.^
I'm sorry I couldn't watch the previous stream. I had some work to do and completely forgot to check my feed on steemit. I'll make sure to watch it later. ;)

Thanks @katalinaooma! I'll take whatever compliments people want to throw my way :p I hope the stream isn't too boring!

Looks really cool! @midlet 🎨👏👏👏

Thanks @melooo182! :)

My fellow artist @midlet, You have been added to a weekly round-up artist support initiative feature! Keep up the good work and wish you all the best in your art future! MeGy :)

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Wow! This is looking great and the process is very pro, looking, searching for many different types of buildings, really helps getting to really where you want.

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