My handmade pottery 😍

in #art3 years ago (edited)


Hi my steemit friends! 🙂
I came back after two week.
How are you?
Everything is ok?
Hope you had a great days. 😍
Miss you really a lot! ❤️❤️❤️
As you see in photos, these are my handmade pottery from one of my collection.
Here is my amazing products handmade.
These are cheese board ( slab ). 🧀🧀🧀
It is an artistic, beautiful and special slab, you can use instead of plate for breakfast, brunch and ...
It shows your specific taste better. 😋😀
perfect for friendly party, for children to make their breakfast more attractive.


You know what, i'm lucky!
This platform has given me so many precious connections with people i never would have met otherwise.


I decided to have a little fun arranging it before it heads off to its new home....
But now i just want to keep it all.
I'm set up and i'm ready.
All of my children!



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very lovely
may I ask a favor?
would you please take a pic with any of them you still have
with a paper that says Steemit + date + your account name here
just one shot
you can still edit it
anyhow this has been promoted in the chat

I cann't understand what do you mean?Would you please explain me more
What do you want for!!!!

hmmm I'm sure I made it simple

can you take a picture another picture
that shows those handmade pottery above and then a paper in the middle of those pottery that says Steemit + date + @live-with-love

something like this
click that highlighted "this" you'll see

ok my friend update my post please cheak it

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