Pisces, The Dreamy Portal of the Universe (Part 1)

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If you were born Feb 19th - March 20th,
Congratulations, you're a Pisces and it's your birthday!

If you are a Pisces sun, moon or rising, this post is for you :)

If you do not know what your moon or rising sign is, look up your natal chart with this handy reference!

Pisces, the Dreamy Portal of the universe.

"In her awake hours, when the day seems harsh and callous, seeking escape, she passes by spirits on the streets and they exchange a knowing look. The otherworldly ones recognize her by her energy- how tired and quiet it is now.. and invite her to the afterglow in the spirit realm.

At night, when she escapes to her secret pond, she emerges from the portal barefooted, and walks through the hidden gardens and reflecting pools of the otherworld. There, her ethereal friends await her.

Occasionally a scattered lost soul stumbles upon her and tearfully asks, "Is this death..?" She wipes their tears away with a heartfelt embrace and reassured warmly, "Dear, there is no such thing." The watery glistening wisdom in her eyes attract every spirit to be their true essence in her presence.
A reverence for all that exists, and the meaning of it all runs deep within her free dancing soul.
She knows while her body sleeps, her spirit is truly alive amongst the stars. "

-Lexie Takis, Poetic description of Pisces, 2017

Common Traits of a Pisces (Sun, Moon or Rising):

The Beginning and the End:

Representing the elderly, the waning moon, sleepy nights and the portal into the next dimension, Pisces is seen as the last stretch of road before returning to ether and the spirit realm. As she has one foot in the netherworlds and one foot in the waking world, she has seen and heard it all. Where Scorpio is seen as the gatekeeper of death and rebirth, they are strengthened by the process of death, renewal, and what it means to fight in the name of the transformation of what you will become.

Pisces, on the other hand, has seen the other side, accepted it, has been humbled by it, and submitted to all of it. If she hasn't yet, she is learning to let go, take on the empathy and sympathy of all other forms of life, and explore what it means to die, but not be ended. The other side has life too, and the transition is not to be feared. Pisces have been rebirthed through all the 12 signs of the zodiac, and when she re-emerges as Aries again, there will be a child-like joy that replaces the sleepy elder-like wisdom and in that joy she will find what it means to be excited by life and its possibilities again.

Rose- Colored Wisdom:

Having seen and done it all through the 12 signs, Pisces carries the intrinsic wisdom of a long journey. Pisces’ peaceful, laid-back trust in the Universe is what makes it so easy to let go and trust that everything is already perfect. Neptune, this sign's ruling planet, makes it easy to see the connectivity of it all, the full circle, and colors the dreamy tint of many Piscean lenses. Yes, this view is what can lead to those infamous 'rose-colored glasses,' but it is a beautiful way to look at the world. They seem to easily be open to everything without resistance or fear. They are relaxed and ready to accept whatever comes their way. When they are unstressed and are in a relaxed atmosphere, they shine and inspire those around them.

Sensitive, Tolerant, and the Life of the Martyr:

By nature, many Pisces are patient, well-intentioned, and empathetic. They see growth in other human beings, animal life, plant life, and identify with the emotional vulnerability that comes with it. Cancer nurtures the heart and emotional body, Virgo often nourishes and services the person, while Pisces nurtures the spirit. Pisces has seen a lot of hardship, burden, and handicap in the long time they have been around, and recognizes the struggle in others. It is not uncommon to see others come to them for spiritual support, comfort, and religious-affiliated things. Sometimes, if an artist, they provide the impetus for healing through their work.

Unfortunately, too much acceptance and empathy can lead to toxic influences being brought into their emotional lives. Sometimes open to a fault, Pisces are prone to glossing over or ignoring problems as if everything will be eventually resolved. Their faith is pure, but they can become too permissive of other's bad vibes. In extreme cases, Pisces will throw themselves at another's feet or ideals, becoming a martyr. They will sacrifice themselves for you, for their faith, or whatever they believe in.
But regardless of that, it's almost as if being so close to death, they see the best reasons for being alive are to heal others, and give of themselves, selflessly.

It is for certain that they do that with all the spiritual beauty in their hearts.

■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Stay tuned for my part 2!

I will talk in depth about the other defining traits of the sign and Pisces' greatest STRENGTH and inner divine medium, their intuition.

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Art and article by me, Lexie Takis

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I love this post, I was just on your introductory post wishing that you would do a post like this with your art. That wish came true fast. This is inspirational and certainly adds value to the platform. I will be resteeming this post. Thank you @lexietakisart P.S. I just found you on facebook and left you a message there.

Thank you so much! I got your message and we will definitely be in touch :) There will be a part 2 to this post and additionally a break down of the symbolism and the process I used to create this piece, so stay tuned! :)
What sign are you?

Pisces Part II is now out! :) Thanks for your patience!!

I draw all my attention when I hear of my sign being spoken of. I wish to know more cos some times I feel exploited maybe cause of my big heart and I really pray I get to see nature fight for me. I just keep imagining how my life is already interpreted like a seer. But I know there is more to it...am expecting the next one...thank you for this piece. Am following.

@febizle Thank you so much, I am so happy to hear that my words have reached someone like yourself. Pisces tend to have such big hearts that they see no wrong in others until it hurts them severely. Please be safe and talk with someone if you need to! Let them know you are a human being as well and you have your limits too.
In the next article I would be more than happy to touch upon more of these topics in detail as well as a few others. Thank you for the follow!

You welcome.

I'm not a Pisces but I have friends born under this sign and I must admit that what you stated about their traits is true. Great post!

@lymepoet thank you so much! I'll have a part 2 coming later in the upcoming month so please stay tuned :) Which sign are you?

Cool, thanks! I know Gemini season is a few months away, but I'll tag you when I write one! Until then here is my poetic description of Gemini on my website if you wanna check it out:

Please follow me if you haven't already! I would love to share more content with you 😊

Pisces Part II is now out! :) Thanks for your patience!!

This post and my natal chart hurt my head to read ... I dont believe in astrology but it's scarryyy accurate

Oh haha I see you've already found my Pisces post! I just linked you in your other comment on my intro so never mind on that.. you're already one step ahead of me :)
And, it can be kinda crazy, can't it? Please, by all means, enjoy your time on my post, but I hope the headache subsided for you xD

Yeah, I decided to take a little look around after checking out your other post, your stuff is great though. The artwork is amazing and your love and understanding of astrology really show through your work, definitely enjoyed! I'm sure if you stick to it you will see many more comments like this one B^)

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