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RE: Pisces, The Dreamy Portal of the Universe (Part 1)

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I draw all my attention when I hear of my sign being spoken of. I wish to know more cos some times I feel exploited maybe cause of my big heart and I really pray I get to see nature fight for me. I just keep imagining how my life is already interpreted like a seer. But I know there is more to expecting the next one...thank you for this piece. Am following.


@febizle Thank you so much, I am so happy to hear that my words have reached someone like yourself. Pisces tend to have such big hearts that they see no wrong in others until it hurts them severely. Please be safe and talk with someone if you need to! Let them know you are a human being as well and you have your limits too.
In the next article I would be more than happy to touch upon more of these topics in detail as well as a few others. Thank you for the follow!

You welcome.

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