2.5 Dimensional Sunset

in art •  last year

Never too late for a good sunset


This post is partially in honor of being on the Northern Slope of Alaska for this whole summer ... I haven't seen the night sky in over two weeks. It'll be another two before the sun sets up here.

This painting is an original I made during early winter 2017.

Toolik Field Station , Alaska 2017:

If this is your first time reading my blog, thanks for checking it out! I am at Toolik Field Station off of the Dalton Highway in Alaska. I am working on a longterm ecological research (LTER) project through Marine Biological Laboratory for the summer. I'm doing my best to post about all of the amazing things in the Low Arctic environment, I'd love it if you'd read along and commented!

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Past posts:

Part 1: Before I left, a little overview
Part 2: Just after arriving, featuring some great Dalton Highway and Brooks Range pics
Part 3: View from my room
Part 4: Trip to the Aufeis

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these are really great photos...and painting ;-)

So what is it like to not have darkness? Does your body still need as much sleep?


@gardenlady... Its interesting because you feel more energized from all of the sunlight. If I don't remember to go to bed, or am socializing late, I will easily stay up far later than I would've at home. I won't feel tired at the time, but the next day you definitely start to notice it.

The most amazing thing is that I am now used to the constant sunlight... no longer surprised during late night bathroom runs or whatnot.

Thank you for the compliments!

great painting, and such an experience to live. thanks for sharing.


It has been quite an experience