Acrylic painting on stone

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I painted this one with acrylic on stone, at the request of the owner in Greece, where I had spent my holidays (see yesterday's post).

First I primed the stone twice with gesso. Ah yes, first of all, wash thoroughly! :-)
And made a sketch with a pencil:
Steinbild - progress.jpg

Fantastic view:
Steinbild GR.jpg

Steingarten - detail 2.jpg

Steingarten - detail.jpg

GR - 19.jpg
Thanks everyone! <3


Great work! I wonder where does the owner keep the stone - indoors or outdoors. :)

Thank you! Outside - he hang it on the wall!
I varnish it twice, hope it will be survive longer than one year on the strong greek sun. 😬

stunning art omg! you deserve much more upvotes.

Thank you! :)

And where is that being proudly displayed now? It looks amazing! And looks like you had a really nice spot to work on it too XD

Thank you! :-) Hanging on the wall!

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Thank you!

What a studio! That view is amazing, Vesna ! And such a lovely piece that you made, as well ! It is an unusual canvas, quite exciting :D The white background brings a different ambiance to your style, as if these are a strange garden of the summer, simmering in light and heat of the day <3

Gorgeous work * ___ *

Thanks so much! <3 :)

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Thank you! :-)

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