Shades Of Men - Chapter 4 Part 2

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Hello Steemians,

Chapter 4 concludes with this post. And things get real!
Come join the adventure of our three buddies in modern Paris.


Last time ended with quite a cliffhanger. I recommend having a look at that for what's coming next.

The musical trio was finding an escape through the maze of the Parisian metro when David got stopped right before the automated doors. Ricky goes for the rescue. Lev is left with no choice...

Hold them back to save the kid...








Haha Chapter 4 Done! Next part on Thursday night!
Will our heroes survive? What will happen to them?
You'll know it all real soon...

Let me know what you thought of this part.
And feel free to follow me for more content.

See you on the other side,


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Nice work! And great to see original content. Followed and upvoted. (even though my steem power is low!)

Thanks for your support. No worries my steem power is also super low. I hope I can continue to provide original content. I have tons of other ideas. And Steemit is really becoming my favourite blogging platform!

I had this brainstorm last night after I went to bed: Every time I write an article, I'll add a notice at the end, saying something like 'if anyone wants to illustrate any of the philosophical ideas above, feel free to share the idea with me, and if I feel it's appropriate I'll update the article with your drawing and link to your account'. Something along those lines. Cos I love comics and art in general, and I'm like, why use generic pics from the internet where no one benefits? Here I get the benefit of original art, the article becomes less boring and wordy, and the artist draws attention to his own channel. And in the future if I become successful I could even outright pay people for their work! Anyways, just got out of bed now and read your reply and felt like sharing this idea! :P

That's a such a great idea. A cool way to interact one another in this space. I'll definitely hit you up if I come up with something! This could be interesting to all artists out there. An artistic challenge at the very least!

Yeah exactly! As soon as I thought it I was like 'why isn't everybody here doing it?' .. I'll make a post tomorrow for the funny tag that will require 10 drawings, and I'll also ask for illustrations in the steemit chat that's finally working now, in the #comics channel.

The action is certainly heating up here. My favorite panel of yours is the background of last panel; nice work.

Hey thanks Joe. Means a lot. I actually think it gets better and better. I hope you check it out a little further along. ;-)