Shades Of Men - Chapter 12 Page 1

in art •  5 months ago  (edited)

Hello there,

Glad to be back with a new page. The final chapter begins...
Let it be as epic as can be!


If you're new around here, then welcome. This is the latest page of my long comic project called "Shades Of Men". I would suggest reading it from the start if you wanna how it all happened.

To sum it up, one word: Trouble!




And now a Steemit exclusive process gif:


Thanks for reading through this.
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See you on the other side,


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Wow this is an amazing project. I did not read it all, just quickly scroll through, but I was amazed of all the work you've put in it. Graphically, it looks very good, I will surely read it all to see the story, it intrigues me. Great work!

Thanks a lot. It's nice to have some feedback. ;-)

I've been at it for 7 years now. I'm so happy to reach this final chapter. Not much left to do. The art definitely evolved with time. Hope it's not too disturbing...

I see you're an artist yourself. Ever thought of doing stories too?

Woah, seven years! that is more than impressive. The last miles are the longest, glad to know you are almost done (I will be able to read the whole story in one shot, no waiting between issues, hi hi ). Maybe I'll do a project (shorter) of a comic, but I'm just not there yet. I need to practice more for all those technical details to be able to draw. But it would be fun, thanks for sharing your comic, I'll keep following !


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