Bullish Investor, Cryptogreetings.com card - Digital Art

in art •  6 months ago

Bullish Investor normal jpeg.jpg

Hey everyone! Here is another design I did for cryptogreetings.com. My designs are getting more and more slapstick every week. Wait until you see the next one!

So here we have the crypto investor who really mooooned. This one was created on Affinity Designer, my go-to Vector art program.

Below is the whole process from pencil to digital. Hope you like what I've done :)


Bullish Investor flat.jpg

Bullish Investor half fx.jpg

Bullish Investor line.jpg

Bullish Investor normal jpeg.jpg

Well, it would be complete without a Lambo!

my logo.jpg

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Taking a look at Affinity now. Well done with the greeting cards too :D


Thanks! Oh you would love the capabilities of Affinity. Lots of mouse clicking though... I know one painter who created Vector versions of his art. he traced over his painting jpegs and made awesome Vector versions for print.


my next recommendation for you both is fanbits.com
check it out, I have a feeling it's going to be huge, and making our art into crypto collectables will make it easier to show in the Decentraland gallery when it opens :)


Checking it out + plus excited about the gallery idea

I bet that Lambo really moooooooves. Quality stuff as per usual. Looking forward to the next one, whatever it may be


Thanks man! I think you know what's coming ;)