iTALENT Contest | Round 2 | AUDITIONS Until 25'th of March | All Talents Accepted

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"Competition Both Performed And Judged By The Artists Themselves "

35 STEEM & 50 WHALESHARES in Rewards | You Can Enter Here In The Comments Below From 17.03 - 25.03

Created By: @ivan.atman

Supported By Witnesses @gtg and @fbslo

iTalent Rules:

  1. Make a post about your art/performance with the title
    "iTalent | Round 2 .........."
  2. Use #italent tagg as the first tagg
  3. Support iTalent contest by upvoting and resteeming it's content
  4. If you don't vote for others, you cannot pass to the final phase, even if you get enough votes to do so
  5. Everybody can enter 3 times, but only with 1 entry per category

(don't upload via DTUbe or DSound for your sake because there is a big chance it will not work for other contestants and they might not vote for you)

If you want to enroll for the Audition now, post your art/performance in the comments below, I suggest you to READ THE CONTEST RULES above so your entry is valid

For live help and any questions regarding the "iTalent Contest" you can join the discord group via this link:

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italent Accepts Literally All The Talent Forms, and you can enter 3 times per category


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WHALESHARES can be exchanged for a strong whale upvote, they are distributed for this contests by a courtesy of partnership between Steemit Music Alliance (SMA) and @officialfuzzy, SMA is a discord group run by @Seveaux and @chiefmappster, and @officialfuzzy is a founder of Beyond Bitcoin - WhaleShares and BitShares (cofounder) To receive this WHALESHARES in case you win you have to have a BitShares wallet that you can create in this link

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So How Does The iTalent Contest Work?

A competition Is Divided In Three Phases

1. Entry Phase (Audition)

  • In this phase everybody who wants to enter the contest, enters their art/performance in the comments section of the iTalent announcement post
  • Everybody has 5 DAYS to enter the Audition from the day that iTalent announced the competition started

(everybody can enter 3 times, but only with 1 entry per category)

2. Qualifying Phase (Voting For Entries)

After everyone entered the contest the voting starts, and lasts for 5 days,
on the last day iTalent Team will count the votes and announce the artists/performers that have qualified to compete for the reward.

(if you don't vote for others, you cannot pass to the final phase, even if you get enough votes to do so)

3. Final Phase (Voting For Qualified Entries)

In this phase all of the contestants vote for the best art/performance that qualified in the comments section of the "Finalists Announcement Post"
(if you haven't made it to the finals you still can vote and win STEEM in the VOTERS LOTTERY

  • Whilst everybody votes for the winner, finalists can provide another art/performance and not the same they auditioned with to gain extra 10% of the overall points

  • If a finalists entered more categories than one, they must decide in which category they want to compete for the finals

Voting is always done by the contestants themselves, never by iTalent Team or non-contestants

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I've designed a voting system that will discourage people to beg for points, or team up between each other. Voting is done in the comments section of the current iTalent post, you must vote for 6 performers by providing them points and insights, you must find six performers that deserved (by your opinion) something from below:

Point/Insight Awards:
(5 Points) (3 Points) (1 Point) (Creativity) (Originality) (Technicality)

And decide who deserves what, you cannot give the same award twice or give two awards to the same performer, every award goes to only one performer

(attention all of the accounts in the example are purely symbolic)
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Comments Vote Example.png

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As you can see in the example above you cannot give points to whom you already gave insights and vice versa. This is because insights serve as a counteract to the points

(the reason for this rule is to engage a voting balance, you can support your true favorite performers with the most points, but insights will have to come from elsewhere to confirm a truly unanimous public opinion)


Points are simply added up by the iTalent Team on the last day of the Audition (Voting) or Final (Voting) phase of the contest

  • To ensure absolute fairness, the votes are recorded by the screenshot software (video) and posted in the winner announcement post, this is done just to make sure if somebody goes and tries to change/edit their comment/vote in the last minute for some reason to try to disapprove of the votes counted by the iTalent Team.


There are three insights Creativity - Originality - Technicality
Each insight gives the contestant that had it most attributed to him an additional 20% of the whole points pool (so not from the reward pool but an additional 20% that is measured by the full amout of points in the contest)

So for example, let's say that there is 50 people voting in the contest, that would amount to 400 points in total, 20% of that is 80 points, this means that whoever gets most insight votes gets an additional 80 points in that case

So in actuality the contest that has 50 people voting has 400 points + 3 x 80 from insights, amounting to 640 points in total.

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Witnesses @gtg and @fbslo are supporters of this contest

If you want to support them by giving them your witness vote , follow the link below:
and cast your vote
To vote for @gtg you will find him as a third witness on the list, and to vote for @fbslo you must write his name in the witness vote box like in the example below



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This are the contestants that participated in ROUND 1 of the contest, I invite you all again to join us in this new round and show us what else y
@melissakellie @ramses.ber @bennettitalia @branhmusic @exanime15 @silentscreamer @zen-art @shaktisun @tripdespider @melavie @topfox @marinauzelac @bennettitalia @awakentolife @grayarty @megy.fine.arts @christianp11 @plushzilla @anaislili09 @kingtamarah @bengy @ran.koree @tonac @silviagoh @annes-art @dicepticon @mashiliyanage @jgvinstl @ivanusaur @ludovichs @nomvula @scottychams @tripdespider @philllane @loop.cirkus @kanabeatz @positivity420 @betzaelcorvo @ddpg98


Hola people!

Here is my entry for the contest. A time-lapse video of my drawing! Enjoy!

Such an intricate and beautiful piece! And I love the time lapse video with poetry reading. Very very cool.

Is this "making sound visible..." initiative an ongoing thing @megy.fine.arts? Where do I find out more?

Thank you mate! I so glad that you are interested! You can reach me through DM on Discord (you can find me in the iTalent channel) or you can find all main details in this video post of mine!

Ah bravissimo @ran.koree gracie mille for the entry :)

Oh I like the colors.

Grazie mille Girl ;)

Awesome piece! I've always been a huge fan of graffiti art :)

Grazie..Mi fa piacere che sei appassionato di graffiti.... ;)

Si, graffiti mi ha interessato da quando ero ragazzo in Nuova York. Scusami ma il mio italiano è mica eccezionale... ma è bene per me praticare!

Tranquillo si capisce bene....Sei di origine Italiana ?
I imagine there are incredible graffiti in New York......

Sì, i miei nonni - tre dei nonni - vengono dalla Sicilia. E poi vivevamo a Roma per un anno, ma a quel punto avevo solo sette anni. E poi la "Scuola d'Italia" a New York per la scuola media.

Graffiti a New York ... sì, ci sta, ma quando ero un ragazzo c'era di più, e migliore. È triste che ne abbiano coperto così tanto :/

Wow this is so beautiful @grayarty! Technically impressive, of course, and such a dreamy, floaty sweetness to the music itself. Awesome performance <3

Thanks so much for the compliments my friend.. coming from an amazing musician like yourself I'm so inspired! Wish you all the best in the competition! 😊😊✌️✌️

Okay... I have this one here as my first entry...

BM post.jpg

@artgirl you have to make a post about it with a iTalent title and use #italent tagg as the first tagg, it is actually all in the rules, the first words of this post 😉

Thats great workout, unique one @ivan.atman

Aw i didn't see it was required as the first tag. Ok then. Maybe my next post. Thanks.

you can do this one just make a new post for the iTalent with the #italent tag

New post with same artwork so the first tag is italent? I put the italent as last tag earlier... But i changed it back since you mentioned it has to be the first tag. Sorry I didn't notice it has to be the first tag. Must be the excitement to join. Lol.

Another sweet performance @beeflomein! Love your rhapsodic improvised melodies. Beautiful :)

Greetings iTalented Steemians! Here is my entry in the Visual Arts (painting/drawing) category. Although I have to say... I'm already blown away by both @ran.koree and @betzaelcorvo's entries, brilliant work you guys!

Bel lavoro Bennett

Hello Everyone! Here is my entry for the Auditory Arts Category, one or two more entries on the way for the other categories ;) <3

hi @ivan.atman! Quick question: I was just listening to various things on Steemit through headphones and... I don't know how I missed this... one of the synths on this track is WAAAAYYYY too loud. Man, so much louder through headphones than through my laptop speakers. Kinda ruins the track for me. If I posted a different version with the synth lowered could you use it instead, or is it too late for amendments? 😁

@bennettitalia of course it perfectly fine, just reupload the song and edit your iTalent post, no problem there

Sweet, thanks Ivan. The post is past curation, so can't edit, but will post the corrected version in the comments if that's ok.

yeah do it, I'm just about to start making the announcement post in an hour or so

You received a manual upvote from @MusicVoter and people following my Curation Trail due to the musical content of this post.

To find out how I decide who to up vote please READ THIS

Do you want to EARN CURATION REWARDS AUTOMATICALLY and help independent musicians?

Here is my entry for italent #2

Later, I might make an entry for @musicapoetica. To avoid conflict of interest, if I do, we won't vote for each other.

PS: I uploaded to dsound, so italent has to be the second tag...

@bengy yeah do it it doesn't matter, it is different people you know, but I respect your fairness

Such a sweet tone to your voice! Beautiful performance :)

Ooohhh... that's some amazing blacklight makeup and photography. It almost looks like some of the dots are floating off of her face! Really cool @bil.prag.

thanks i appreciate the compliment.

Upvoted and resteemed!


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@ivan.atman, who did your logo? We are looking for a logo to fly our #classical-music gang colours. We wouldn't be able to offer much, except for sharing the rewards from several posts about the creation of the work.

I arranged the logo myself @classical-radio I am a graphics designer (arranger not illustrator) so mostly I do everything myself by using various public domain elements

Do you know what tags we should use if we were to make a general post looking for anyone that might be interested in helping us out?

@classical-radio I didn't say I won't help you out 😄, if it is something basic as you are saying I'd be glad to help, just let's take this conversation to a chat room, are you on discord or steemchat?

I'll contact you on discord. It will be a familiar name!

Awesome contest Ivan!

Hi @ivan.atman! Thanks so much for tagging me on this, the reminders really help :) I have an older track (previously posted) that I'd like to remix by adding more synth hooks, electric guitar, and possibly bass. Would that qualify for entry into iTalent? Already has drum programming, multiple synths, and backing vox so would be difficult to do the whole thing over...

Of course @bennettitalia you can enter with anything at all actually, as long as you make a iTalent post to enter, the contest will get more demanding as it goes, now I'm just trying to bring the crowd over so we can make it into something serious, so probably in the Round 4 there will be specific challenge (to create something new) but man I always love to hear your tracks, you bring it fresh straight out of your mindset, intimate and theatrical, we can do a collab sometimes, do something f... crazy 😆

Lol yes! that would be awesome :D

Ok will post my entry tomorrow...

Thanks for the competition, and thanks again for the invitation. I'm afraid I can't join you for the next round. Oddly enough, my day job as a violinist leaves me no time to make a video especially for the comp!

But I will keep an eye out for new recruits for the #classical-music community!

No worries @bengy if you have any other performances from before you can make a post about it and enter like that as well

I have this post that I put up recently,

Would it be okay as is or do you need to have it reposted with the italent as the first tag?

Also, I run an account for an orchestra, is it okay for groups to enter? To avoid conflict of interest, I wouldn't vote for each other.

@bengy I added the rule to make a iTalent post with #italent tag yes, as for if you will post it with the bengy or classical music account it is up to you, I don't mind

Okay, I will check to see what I put up.

Hey Ivan. Is it too late to enter?

Hey Guys this is my entry for the italent contest it's from the movie Toy Story called When She Loved Me i hope you enjoy it :)

hi man! @ivan.atman thank you for this amazing contest! congratulations in advance! :)

To all who joined, goodluck :) I hope we make it.

here is my entry guys, i hope you like it link


Sup peops! Here's my entry for auditory arts/rapping-singing, maybe I enter 2 more times tomorrow, we'll see.



@ivan.atman, I didn't understand, we vote here in the comments?

Hi everyone! This is such an awesome contest :-D Looking forward to browse through all your submissions once voting has begun.

Our entry is our song SKARANTINO!