Painting The Face And The Bodeh

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These past few days I've been painting some portrait of a random girl (I don't know who she is honestly) on a basic stretcher.

The process was fun. First, I had to put gesso on the canvas cloth but only to the part where I'm gonna paint the portrait and not the entire canvas. Then use a sandpaper to smoothen out the surface. Here's the first layer.



Lmao, I know I know. Stop laughing at this face.



The Grumbacher Gesso is really good though. I literally was dancing while painting (oil paint) cos it feels like I painted for the first time again. Was a bit chalky, holds the paint like it's gold, isn't shiny-ish. So consider this a bit of a reviewish.


And this was the photo that I posted as a story on Instagram because they are boring as fuck. I can't afford to be banned right now so had to cover the nipples just in case.


I painted the second layer the next day and here's the initial result.


I'm happy how the painting turned out so far.


Very strong looking girl.
them eyes are just throwing power! <3
I also draw here and there but they are just doodles, not as great as your paintings. hehe :)
Great work!

Aww, thank you! Doodles can be great too!

sometimes I try to make infinity ones like yayoi kusama! but of course not even close! lo :D

Oohh I love Yayoi Kusama! I don't think I am even close too lol

Can't beat the greatest! She started all of that infinity! <3

Awesome painting! I really like the way you are shading the skin. It's shining with light. The instagram cencoring is shit and that they are not sharing anything withh the artists is shit a well. I stopped some weeks ago because I also noticed how the prude agenda combined with a lot of meaningless marketing annoyed me. I prefere the athmosphere here. Thanks for sharing your art here. I follow you and resteemed your post ;)

I agree! They won't even let artists have the exemption. And yeah I do think it is a lot better here. We get meaty comments, like yours.. unlike on other platforms. Lol.. Thank you!

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You simply enjoy what you do the best...awesome piece and made with elegance.👌

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Or I do the best because I enjoy.. :D Thank you!

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Awww, thank you! Glad seeing you with curating art!

What a beautiful painting! ♥

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