[My Original Modern Art] Flowers for the Poor - It will come back, like you give it

in art •  last year

Hello my friends

we did not talk for a long time, and to be honest i don't want to talk really much this moment.

In my opinion pictures can say more than thousand words. Maybe just sometimes, but they are really powerful.

In the last weeks i had much time to think about pretty different things, and i think this is good.

I'm sure we should give good energy into the world, so the world can reflect positive energy to ourselves.

I hope you enjoy my new Artwork, in a similar style like my Deep-Eye.

Flowers for the Poor


Maybe you should give someone you like some beautiful flower. Maybe.

Thank you for the audience! Make sure I'm back and we will continue with our project. Results will be presented in a really near future.

Make sure to follow me, so you won't miss future posts.


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Really beautiful, love it! :)


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oh nice bot, i did not know

Nice to see you again

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