My Original Modern Art; Daily Favorit #8 | Vision-Owl

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Hello Steemians,

When we are dreaming, we see a lot of images. Sometimes you see more images then you can remember.
This series called ,Daily Favorit' picks out my daily favorit of all pictures created with the deeplearning algorithm.

Because these pieces are really special i will give each his own name. Enjoy the following piece!

Hallo Freunde,

Wenn wir träumen, flutet uns eine Vielzahl an Bildern. Manchmal sehen wir mehr, als wir überhaupt in unserem Gedächtnis abspeichern können.
Diese Serie mit dem Namen ,Daily Favorit' wird tagtäglich ein von mir, mit Hilfe von Deeplearing Algorithmen, erschaffenes Werk präsentieren, welches zu den ganz Besondern zu zählen ist.

Da diese besonderen Stücke wirklich so außergewöhnlich sind, bekommt ein jedes Werk seinen eigenen Namen. Ich hoffe euch erfreut der Anblick.


vision owl.jpg

Feel free to tell me in the comments, if you liked this picture. I'm really excited about these pictures, so i understand, that there is some interest to buy them on canvas. I'm not sure about handle selling the pieces, but i allready created some and they look pretty fine. If you want to see them look over here:

Also check out the last episode of my ,Daily Favorit' Series;

Feel free to upvote if you like my art and want to support my doing!

Have a great day!



Nice! Love it!

Such a POWERFUL piece of artwork. The wings of the owl are very dominate and demand your looking at the owls face. But, what I believe is the greatest feat, is that your use of repeated circles and the darkness of the background space causes even the wings to become invisible so that the dominate wings are camouflaged and almost disappear. It is a remarkable balance and blending you have done here. No wonder your art of the owl has drawn so much in votes. viola !!! Again,... you are wonderful as a creator of mesmerizing artwork in my opinion.

Thanks so much Gunni, it seems like i overread this post in the last days. This comments are pretty nice and i like, that you can take that much out of my work!

Have a great week dude!

What I believe is that an artist of great talent has hidden subconscious abilities of balance and combining textures and lines and directions of movement. It sometimes is learned and takes great concentration and then some people like you have the God Given ability to produce it unknowingly just by your eye of putting an art together. Before you are finished, you must be satisfied by your sense of balance and you are just a natural. I can see it because I have been painting and doing artworks since 1980. I just can read the things that I am telling you. I can't see them all, but I see quite a bit and I am so excited every time you post a new art to be reading it with my eyes and reporting to you what I see.

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Keep up the good work!

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I'm glad you finally got the upvotes that you deserve, maybe you can start exploring deepdream videos. Cheers!

Oh man!! Thank you so much for your support, i see your upvoting every post of mine! Thanks so much for the support!

And yeah, the vote amount is amazing, i was just showering and came back right now. Just incredible!

really amazing

Te sigo amigo Steemit

This is mesmerizing!
Great work my friend,
keep walking!
upvote resteem n follow :)

Thank you really much for your support my friend! I'm pretty happy about this!

I dream very vividly and would love to put it in images - great work!

Hi friend @hereforawhile , great post , I congratulate you, keep it up

Hello friend. Dreams are a subconscious outlet for our nob expressed desires finding an outlet for our consciousness to note them I have an article where I decode dreams using techniques of symbolism if you wish I can decode any dreams you have.. Just leave a comment with the dream you have and I'll decipher it for you :)


Hello my friend, that sounds like some nice offer. Maybe i will come back on it if i have do decode the undiscovered side in myself. ;) Have a great day!

Interesting post and useful greetings know from @ abupasi.alachy

Hey my mate, greetings back from germany ;)

Thanks ;) and i like the gif a lot! It's fantastic, since i love owls anyway ;)

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That's amazing! what kinda program do you use if you don't me asking?

awesome...nice work
good one

Hello friend Steemit, I follow you and follow me, and I gave you a vote @mfam

hi @mfam
which area do you blog on?

Wow!!! This totally rules! Amazing work. I've actually got a thing for owls too:

That is TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome work!
Hat mich sehr geflasht.. Wir waren gestern nacht noch mit dem Auto unterwegs und eine Eule hat sich auf die Straße gesetzt.. Die saß da und hat uns angeschaut. Und jetzt dieses Bild.. Hat mich gerade sehr abgeholt ^^

Beautiful! You should sell the digital image through Redbubble.

thanks for share. upvotes your post & you upvotes my post.

Colorful owl

Das ist richtig richtig cool. Benutzt du für das Deep Learning ein bestimmtes Framework? Hast du nen Post in dem du auf die Technik etwas näher eingehst?

Woooow, wunderschön, wirklich fantastich <3

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That owl is phenomenal! Such a cool way to create visual representations of dreams. Well done!