Introduce @hereforawhile and my modern DeepDream-Art on canvas


Ladys and Gentleman,

when i signed up i was not really sure what to do with steemit, since i thought it's a pretty similar network like facebook, with tons of useless content. But i was wrong, i met great people and really talented artists. Therefor i wan't to create this introduceyorself post, to let you make yourself some better picture about my person and my doings.

My blog says i am a DeepDream-Artist, a Surreal Art Lover and a Endlessmind. I'm not sure if i allready am, what i wan't to be, and do, what i want to do, but I am sure I am on the right way.

There is something more what's inside of me. I have some kind of innovation desire. I wan't to change things and i wan't to solve problems. Maybe it's this old fantasy thing about chaning the world, but for me it feels really real.

So there was a day i had a problem. I was alone at home and had much time to think about me, my life and the things around me. And there was something, that depressed me pretty badly. My flat was pretty empty and i did not have anything to hang up on the white wall. So, because i love surreal art, i looked for some surreal pictures in the internet. The problem was, that i did not found anything i really like, what i would be able to purchase. You have to know I'm some student and I'm dealing with about 700$ a month, while the rent for my flat hits me with 385$ :D Think you can follow, that's no good base to buy some pretty expensive piece of art.

I had to become innovativ and i found some way to create my own pretty nice digital surreal art. And well, maybe you won't agree but I'm fascinated about my results. It took me a few weeks to figure out what i want and how i create this pictures with digital editing and now the first canvas prints arrived.


Well, im just really happy, that i found a way to become my own unique surreal art pieces and want to share this with you. As you see i created 2 Series and 3 20x20 single pictures. Here are 3 more detailed pictures ;)




Well, i told you about the innovators desire. For me this is some kind of innovation. For now i am able to provide good friends of mine really unique art, no mass production, for prices they can afford, since they are in similar situations as i am.

What do you think? Is this some innovation? Would be great to hear some toughts about.

At the moment i continue my doing and create more artworks. I wanted to post everyday in steemit, but it needs more time to get great quality results, so i decrease my posting rate. Here is the last one i worked on. Guess it will look great on canvas, can't wait to finish the last details.


I hope you know my a bit better after reading this posts. I'm sure, as my name says, i will be here for a while, so you should feel free to leave some comment, so we can connect. I don't mean upvote for upvote or follow for follow or something like that. I wan't to meet people, thinking in similar ways, interested in similar things. I'm sure you are out there ;)

I'm not sure why my HTC is taking this bad quality pictures, I'm really unhappy about this, hope you aren't that frustrated and can enjoy that pieces ;)

Feel free to tell me what you think about the artworks, also feel free to check out my blog for past pictures posted.

Thank you really much for reading this! Spread the word ;)


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Welcome to the community!

Wellcome to

Hello to Ladies and Gentlemen.
And You @hereforawhile Congratulation
Welcome to the path of success.
Let Also Introduce Myself.
My name is @joelsteem From #Aceh, #Indonesia.
I'm Also New At #eSteem and #STEEMIT.
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DWD: Welcome to Steemit!


thank you really much!

Welcome to steem it, I really hope you stay here for a while. <3


I guess i will stay, i really like it over here ;) Thanks mate!

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Thanks a lot @minnowsupport & @sammosk <3 thats so great!

This is an awesome introduceyourself post. So awesome how you solved the problem with your own work. Can I buy one of the elephant pictures, my girl loves elephant art

Welcome to Steemit @hereforawhile! It is great to have you here! :D


Thank you really much my friend!

Welcome to Steemit @hereforawhile ! Steemit will be a good place Have fun in this community Please follow me

Glad to meet you I enjoyed your post and enjoyed looking at the art. I also Post in yard area from time to time but mostly write poetry.

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Thanks for sharing. J

@jerrybanfield can we upvote this? Sorry i dont know how to link it to your upvoteable post.

Hi @hereforawhile welcome to Steemit. I do hope that you have a wonderful time on this platform, if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with do not hesitate to ask, I will be more than happy to help.
If you would like to stay in touch please Follow me @Fshllc

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Sweet ! Welcome to Steemit! Followed. Follow me back 😘

Awesome post you have here. I am @rielx and I reside here in the Philippines. I write posts about travels, technology, motorcycles, parenting and new stories here in the Philippines. If it interests you, feel free to give me a follow. I upvoted your post and followed you by the way. Cheers!


Nice to see that people all over the world are engaged in steemit! I'm glad to meet you @rielx! Thanks for your kind words bro!


welcome bro no problem

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