"Dendō Dango" An Inktober Comic - Day 23 [Ancient]

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Framed 4.JPG

Dendō Dango follows a narrative so just in case you're confused and not sure what's happening:
Dendō Dango Inktober Intro
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Video, details and sketch:

If on Partiko, watch here.





Drawn on Procreate for the iPad Pro.

More of Z's adventures in November!

To buy a comic, stickers or limited edition copy of my work, please visit my snazzy shop.

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This is so cool. I like how you implemented the golden ratio into this one when you were planning it out.

Yeah! Halfway through the series I realized it would be a good idea to drop in the golden ration and rule of thirds grid to help with overall composition. So I would start my sketch organically and then drop in the comp grids. There were a few where I’d been sensing the comp was off and the guide lines helped adjust. But believe it or not, there are a handful (such as this one) where the golden ratio just got dropped in and fitted almost too perfectly with the sketch. Guess I should trust my own eyes more often 😂

I should post my time lapses at some point - in those you can see around when I dropped in the guidelines and what not.

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That would be dope

Very good characterization of the character "Dendō Dango".

@tipu curate

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