Sharing another section of my Current Singularity Painting and the Secret of Unplugging.

in art •  6 months ago

A glimpse of the continuing work in progress.


And just a sliver more:

A bit of the rough sketch of this section I'm sharing.

And a refresher of some of the other sections of this painting that I have shared, so you can begin to puzzle it together.

I really enjoy sharing my larger work in this revealing way.

It allows me to focus on a section of a bigger piece, which can take some time, but to allow me to engage with it in a way that seems very Steemit specific. It gives one's a mean to feel that a hard day's labour can still be shared, even if it still is only a small piece in a larger puzzle.

I draw and sketch everyday.

And that includes me feeling that one of those 'sketches' must at least have the 'feel' of a finished piece. So, when I spend my daily art time on a larger piece like this, I feel sharing that bit is not entirely a finished piece, but has the feeling that it surely could be seen that way. So, I am careful to frame the bit of the larger piece in a way that makes it have that 'stand alone' look, at least to me.

I mean art is subjective, I suppose, and one could say a piece is never done.

But, I learned a while back that to labour over a piece is fine and good, but that if approached with a new view of those layers as little 'separate' works, one can feel productive and give a good 'finish' to the day.

I think I have mentioned before that part of each of my day is spent unplugged.

This is part of my Art schedule in that I give over a good section of my morning onward to work and creation to a finished piece for the day. However, when that time arrives allotted by me for the 'unplugging', I find my work is more enriched for the daily reward.

It has the sound of a sci-fi plot line to it: The Great Unplugging!

But it does, indeed, feed me artistically. That is to say, during the 'unplugging' I may still sketch or doodle, if the mood hits (with pencil/pen and journal of course) but if I do not, then I feel no guilt nor pressure. Maybe it is the Puritan in me to work first play later, though I'm not sure the Puritan's played all that much, so maybe it's a mix of my cultures.

I've always liked the saying "Make Hay when the sun shines".

There is a lot of peace of mind and enjoyment in the result of that action.

  • Do you schedule your day or even your life, or are you a 'fly by the seat of your pants' sort of person.
  • In creative endeavours do you feel a schedule or list is beneficial or does it hamper your creative spirit?

I'd be curious to see what you answer to these questions.

If you like my work by all means upvote, resteem, and comment. I always appreciate comments.

And check out my other posts.

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Interesting piece of the puzzle... The way you are sharing these pieces make me create a visual of the painting but when you're showing the full artpiece it will look so different! I know from the other one you did like this :-) Gorgeous owl - sitting on a knife?!


He he @soyrosa I'm loving just sharing bits like this, because it makes the viewer come up with their own ideas of what could happen. And sometimes it feeds my own imagination when finishing it. There is still one area of this piece that is a question mark, haven't decided on the final bit to paint in there and I like that.

I love the owls. And the butterflies and black and white drawings.


Thanks @kathleenscarboro :) I love painting animals as well as the female form. In these works I really wanted to use symbolic creatures, the butterflies have been featured a lot, being a representation of the human mind and spirit. The owl has so many meanings, such as in Greek mythology it signifies prophecy and wisdom, whilst the kikuyu of Kenya see it has a harbinger of death. I like the duality of meanings in such creatures. :)

i like your technique of focusing on little sections that have the finished look. i do this when cleaning (otherwise i'm too overwhelmed.) i'll pick a little area and make it tidy and then move from there. if i have a little section to move from that feels good, i am more productive/happy.
i lived a very structured early life, so i don't structure my time too much now, but i think it would benefit me if i did. i find my mind is most creative in the morning and in the late evening. i've been letting myself go with the flow of creation in the morning (usually making my steem post at that time or writing) and that feels good.


This is a good transferable technique for certain and using it in housework is a good idea. I sort of do that a bit as well, because, as you say, a small bit of focus on one bit helps.

I still like a bit of free form as well and I say that my structured mornings are planned out to allow me spontaneity within that framework, it mostly works for me :)

Yes, morning for me is definitely my most creative.

Another nice glimpse of your current project, donna ! The owl's robot eyes is very intense * ___ * Love the grip on the knife's handle, too :>


I'm glad you caught is eye glow, @veryspider, even animals get a bit of electronic help in the post Singularity world :)

The lead image (owl on the knife) eerily reminds me of one of my exes, lol - I called her "Crazy B" .........
Great post, and also good idea to refer back to some previous posts. I done that once or twice (sort of following you on that) but forgot lately. It helps put posts into context.

upvoted and resteemed


Ha ha, I like that @thermoplastic, I wonder what 'owl-like' traits your ex had ?! :)

Yeah, I don't know why I started sharing previous posts like that, but I kind of want to find a way to do it that looks a bit visually cleaner.

Coming from the blogging times of the mid 2000's that I enjoyed, the old formats always had 'similar posts' or 'other posts' in the footer. I remember I always liked that as it gave me context to both what the post was about as well as what the blogger/writer/artist was about in their other posts.

When I decide a better way to do it, I'll probably post about that :)


yes, this is a perfect way to do it, could not think of a better way. I mention precious posts in text sometime, but a visual speaks louder.
.... and it is not the owl as much as the knife that sparked my memory (other than the association with the expression "owly").

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You have your personality in all your drawing and you make me feel like being touch by your drawings.