Why I am moving from FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE to STEEMIT and DTUBE

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For 8 years I have been creating content for YouTube & also engaging with Facebook. It's difficult to label what I do but I regard it as a form of performance art and theatre creation. Whilst they have helped me share ideas and creativity, I have also become hooked into them checking them several times a day when I could have been doing lots of other things.

You can see in this video exactly what other things I enjoy doing.

Here's some more reasons why I am moving to Steemit...


I get huge joy knowing that there are people in all sorts of remote parts of the world, who have no bank account but are earning good money from their creative output. This is not possible with Facebook and Youtube.


I have become very suspicious of large corporations for several reasons. They become impersonal, are usually run by algorithms and they eventually move from becoming our best friend to squeezing all the juice they can out of us and working against us.


YouTube can pull the plug on ANY channel at ANY time and have no requirement to say why and no effective independent appeal system.

Recently they have demonetised the majority of films on many alternative narrative channels overnight. They have also sent me a copyright infringement for some minor issue and said if there were 2 more of those in a 6 month period, they would remove my channel.

Filmed at the royal wedding in 2011... "Is the idea of a prince real?"

So effectively, they can censor us. Same with Facebook. I know several people who have had their accounts removed.

That can't happen with blockchain technology.


Facebook pay nothing for views. I had a video on Facebook with over a million views but I got nothing for it.

I have only recently started to monetise Youtube. I was very reluctant to do so because i didn't want to benefit from the obnoxious adverts. But I thought it may increase my subscriber base if it was monetised as I thought that YouTube's algorithms would send more people to my films. It hasn't really worked that way. Instead it has given me insight as to how LITTLE we get paid and also made me look at the analytics of subscriptions.

IN the past 6 months - despite having 25k subscribers and an average of 5-10k views per film, I only made $150.

On Steemit.com and Dtube there is potential to make far more money and its not coming from advertising for KFC or Barclays Bank.


After a little research into the founders and designers, I discovered that the brilliant designers have created a platform that is designed for the good of the people , connected to cryptocurrency and encourages community and cooperation as well as paying people rewards for posting good quality content, and for 'curating' others' content.


Another benefit of Steemit.com is that it discourages trolls through its up and down voting system.

I post a lot of videos with police officers in. And I really dislike some of the comments. For example if any officers are large bodied, there are often derogatory remarks. So I am looking forward to DTube and Steemit.com as I think it will discourage trolls and encourage intelligent comments.

Here is an example. I was doing my thing in KFC and 3 people turned up.

Here is a screen shot of the comments.

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 11.01.41.png


It requires work. Facebook make it very easy for you. Whilst Steemit is still in the Beta stage, so there is a lot of learning and there will be improvements. But I think its worth the effort to get in early.


  • I will be uploading some films to DTube
  • Will only be interacting with people here on Steemit

We're glad to have you onboard!

Could you make sure your following on YouTube and facebook know where to find you here on Steemit / Dtube!?

That's pretty rad! I've known you since your first video with Charlie!

Thanks for the upvote. That was a long time ago (8 years!) Haven't seen or spoken to him for years.

This place is the future, so I believe we've made a good choice.

YT and Facebook are full of bots and shill accounts to discredit and ruin content. I had 11K followers on Google+, but my content was being filtered or hidden somehow. A vibrant conversation went to no activity even though I was still posting. Those of us in the liberty movement ended up just talking to ourselves.

Google's motto has changed from "Do no evil" to "Do hide evil."

The pay difference is huge too as you mentioned. Adam Kokesh left YT for similar reasons as you, and I know he'll make way more money here as well. Eventually, YT will become the next TV. It will just be left with corporate approved PROGRAMMING.

No thanks. I'll pass and enjoy a quality conversation on Steemit.com instead. :)

nicely put. Its pretty cool the way it works here.

This could have been an #IntroduceYourself post! It details a lot of your history and reason for choosing Steemit. I've been reaching out to some of the YouTube stars I know and trying to convince them to do the same.

Censorship is out of control on YouTube. One of the people I know was making thousands and overnight, literally, YouTube wiped out the ability to even run ads on the videos. Poof! There goes all that revenue.

Facebook pays you nothing. You already covered that. However, Facebook is where all the people still are. I would encourage you to still use Facebook, Twitter, etc, to reach the people. Just give them a snippet on there and link it to your work on Steemit. Drive people this way.

Additionally, I would recommend putting a signature block at the end of every article you post on Steemit. You can take a look at my latest couple of posts and see what I've done. It's simple. Just a cut and paste into each new post. That way visitors from Facebook could read a bit more about what Steemit is, why you made the switch, and how they can sign up and start getting paid for contributing both by writing and by upvoting.

Welcome to Steemit, @dannyshine! I was referred to you and this article by @samstonehill. Glad to have found you.

Not being a YouTuber I haven't seen any of your work before. Engrossing stuff.
Delighted to have you on Steemit.

Have been following your videos since the love police days... You have been a comforting voice in what can sometimes seem a very complicit and robotic world.

One of my favourite pieces you created was when the police arrived in the Disney store Westfield during your group meditation, your colleague politely informed the police officer that it was in fact him who was breaching the peace, as he was interrupting the already very calming and pleasant group meditation.

I'm also in the process of sussing out how steemit works, I wish you the best in your exploration here :)

I hope this post will go hot and trending...you nailed it @dannyshine. I got same reasons like you. Nice having you here, I'm following you now, upvoted and resteemed your post.

great. good to be here. this is pioneering work just being on this platform

Welcome to the steemit/dtube family.

Everybody on here is nice and supportive from my experience.

Hopefully you'll find the same experience on here.


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nice... @samstonehill tell me about you. :)

@dannyshine Sharing to acquire this observed a lot more (and maybe open the eyes of a few)! Thank You for any effectively submit and documented write-up!.

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