Curie Author Showcase (January 16, 2020)

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Images property of @hanggggbeeee

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Featured Author: @hanggggbeeee
Chinchero, Peru – The first magnificent stop on the way heading to Sacred Valley.

Images property of @hanggggbeeee

First up we have a very interesting and detailed travel post, filled with lots of intriguing information and spectacular photos. @hanggggbeeee takes us on a guided tour of Chinchero, Peru and brings us closer to the wonders of a small rural village. Great post!

When it comes to Inca’s ruins, most people definitely think of Machu Picchu as it is the most impressive heritage of the largest empire in the Americas, which is still well restored nowadays. However, that is not Inca’s legacy all about. There are so many things other than Machu Picchu surrounded in, or nearby Cusco. I can list some of them such as Chinchero, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Pisac, Selinas de Maras, Qorikancha, etc.

All of these places are very enjoyable, but the fact is that the more spectacular and extraordinary Machu Picchu is, the less impressive and appreciated these other sites will be. It becomes somewhat…pale and overshadow for people. So, in order to fully enjoy what it has to offer, it is suggested to visit those side ruins first, before you end up your Cusco trip with Machu Picchu. Trust me, it’s all well worth your time, money and effort. -@hanggggbeeee

If you're a travel enthusiast like this author, I warmly suggest you to check out their other posts. They're profile is filled with wonderful travels from all around the world.

Featured Author: @wcy
Book notes from Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday

Images property of @wcy

For our second post we have a few paragraphs of talking about the importance of stillness. This author took the most important information from the book "Stillness is the Key" and presented it for us to read. I must say I really enjoyed this post and read it several times and I think you should too. It offers some great advice and clarity. Very interesting post @wcy, good job!

Ryan Holiday's new book talks about silence or 'stillness' as being incredibly important in our lives. Even not thinking about meditation, we want some sort of stillness in our lives. If you have kids, the stillness that comes from your kids sleeping and you not having to watch over them all the time can be a sigh of relief. If you have an open office workspace, the quiet that comes from not having coworkers chatter about their weekends can be a great boost to your concentration. If you have a lot of things going on, the stillness that comes from having a weekend or a day where you have no plans can be a great way to reset.

Ryan covers stillness in three sections: mind, spirit and body. My notes that follow are the things that I thought about as I read the book: -@wcy

This author has a very unique and interesting profile. It's full of useful advice on a huge variety of topics most of which is extracted from amazing books. No matter who you are or what you do, there is no harm in reading some other posts from this guy, it can only be helpful.

Featured Author: @dandydan
Toss A Coin To Your Witcher {Techno/Psytrance} (Dandy Dan Remix)

Images property of @dandydan

Choo Choo! Get on the hype train for the new series "Witcher". I seriously doubt that you didn't hear about it since it's all the people talk about this days. The series and it's most memorable song "Toss a coin to your
Witcher". @dandydan brings us his own, very unique and glorious version of the song. It's incredible and I'm seriously hooked!

Hey all! I'm back! Sorry it's been a while! Thought I'd hop on The Witcher love train and try my hand at some Psytrance! First time trying it so I hope ya'll like it! Don't forget to give the video a like, comment, and share, and don’t forget to sub! Follow me on your favorite site/and if you'd like to support me via the link below! And as always, #staydandy!

This author doesn't have many posts on his profile, but the ones that are there are truly exceptional. Go ahead and visit it if you want to enjoy some more covers and remixes.

Featured Author: @caro-art
VIDEO: "Lal'Dori" - Lacey Tropical Colors (Acrylic Fluid Art)

Images property of @caro-art

Enjoying a little art never hurt nobody. That being said I really have to congratulate @caro-art on this amazing post!! If beauty could be painted this is what it would look like. Enough from me, go ahead and see for yourselves!

Thanks for watching, and please don't forget to upvote and resteem if you liked my art. Until next time! -@caro-art

If you enjoyed this work, there are many many others like it on this author's profile. Be sure to check them all out!

Featured Author: @apolymask
Exploring Thought Episode #05 - Morality

Images property of @apolymask

And finally we have can enjoy a little talk about morality. I really enjoy psychological posts such as this one and usually relate to them on a certain level. @apolymaks talks about some important stuff here and it would be a shame not to hear him out. Also for those who can't be bothered to read, there is an audio version provided by the author to make your life easier. Amazing work @apolymask, keep it up!

Another foundational subject I'd like to get into early on is morality.
I read up on this word and as is often the case you can find quite a few different definitions or meanings.
The way I would read it is that morality is a system of values, especially in regard to right and wrong.

Morality has been a major part of my life, often expressing itself in the form of empathy for others.
A lot of people say morality is subjective and to some extent I agree that it is, but I also think there are perhaps universal or spiritual aspects to it.
If there was no sense of right or wrong, what would that mean? Why would we do anything at all if we didn't have preferences or aversions?
So... If we are going to have a sense of right and wrong, then why not study it like almost everything else in life and try to improve our understanding? -@apolymask

Although there are a bunch of other interesting stuff on this author's profile, I think that "Exploring thought" is by far my favorite thing to read. If you enjoy this post, start from Episode #1, you won't regret it!

This Curie Author Showcase was written by Curie Curator @ivanm7 (Ivan) at times with input from other Curie curators and reviewers. All images and quoted texts are the copyright of their respective authors.


Keep on, keeping on. Thanks for updating us on great content!

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It's awesome to know the Exploring Thought project/podcast I've been working on has been appreciated! Also, thanks for the mention! :) I appreciate the work you do curie.

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