Need Feedback on Learning to Paint!

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This week I'm soliciting honest feedback from the #NeedleworkMonday crew. I've been making myself miserable painting, re-painting, and then painting again the same sections of this lamp base. I've completely lost perspective.

Before and After Base

So, here is the before-and-after of a lamp base from shade you have already seen called "English Rose". I noticed from the analytic console on my website that this lamps was not catching anyone's attention. I'm not sure why..could be the strange shade shape, could be the bulky applique. So I decided to try my unskilled hand at painting the base, to see if that made the lamp any more attractive to prospective customers.

Here is the base, all painted (a thousand times over), with no shade or beads for context.

Before and After Full Lamp

Here is the before-and-after with the full lamp, for context. As you can see, I painted finial (top piece) to match the base. Tell me in all honesty, did I nail it or did I fail it? What could be done differently to make it harmonize better?

I really need your honest feedback. This is the third lamp base I have ever painted and it is by far the most challenging. The thing is massive!

Getting to You All

I realize that for many of you, it is already Tuesday by the time I get my #NeedleworkMonday post made on Monday nights. I promise I will get to all of your posts but I will need a few days to do it, so please be patient with me. My new job has me running like crazy and I'm still trying to get ready for the Steampunk Festival in two weeks.

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, everyone!

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I think it is Beautifully unique and that you tied in the colors of the shade with the base Wonderfully! I can’t suggest any changes because I feel it already looks just fine ;)

I understand about needing a few days to get to everyone’s posts. That’s what I’m doing now too. I have so much to do still to get ready for the baby that I don’t have time to get all of the posts read in a day. I’m just glad you are still able to be here~ 😘

Absolutely! I can usually get to them all by Wednesday. :-) So much fun preparing for a new family member! Fingers crossed for another girl. Hee!

Me too!

Yes it really is fun!! Oh yes, it’s definitely a girl!! We are getting our second girl that we always wanted!! 😊🤗



I think it’s beautiful! I’d like to see up close pictures of the painting but from
you posted, it looks great.

The paint really goes with the shade.

Thanks for visiting me :)

Thank you @metzli! I appreciate the feedback!!!

Honestly, I like the original lamp! It looks wonderful! But if you want to refinish, my favorite part was of the maroon and light rose color on the bottom base!

Thank you @icybc! I liked it plain, too, but many were telling me to repaint it.

A late opinion- the painting work is nice, the shade is a bit overdone. The large rose is not as subtle as it could be and may be too much for the piece.
Just my opinion...

Thank you @jamethiel! I'm feeling like the large rose overwhelms the shade. have it sitting on my kitchen table now for further contemplation.

Something smaller and a little art deco perhaps?

It isnt exactly right but the simpler lines may work well with the base.

Yes, I does need to go Art Deco.

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wow !!!! what an interesting lamp base. it is really very massive with beautiful carvings. I certainly do not understand much, but at the look of the dilettante the lamp looks harmonious enough. The rose on a lamp-shade is a little noticeable, it pulls on itself all attention. if this was your idea then everything turned out. but if you wanted to leave an accent on the carved foot of the lamp, then the rose is too "heavy." And what does Dax think? :)))

Yes, @tali27 I have been wondering if I should take that rose off and start over. Thanks for the feedback!

I think you nailed it @crystalize. I think it looks much nicer than the original plain gold. And you painted with the details, i.e. the flowers at the bottom, giving it a life of its own. Where do you get your lamps? And I really 😍 the lamp shade.

Hi @marbley. I get many of the lamps from Ebay, Etsy, antique stores and very rarely, from antiquities dealers. This one happened to be from Ebay and was in pretty bad shape due to age. I think it is from the early 1920s. Thanks so much for the feedback! i really do sit alone in a room wondering if what I'm doing is any good so your input helps me substantially!

I agree and like your repaintings, too. 😘😉

Hello @crystalize... I'm just catching up on #needleworkmonday posts 🌺
I really like how you painted the base - it would be nice to see a closeup.
As with everything you just need the right customer and sometimes it takes a while...

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