Antique Lamp Restoration with Handmade Shade

in #art5 years ago

Well I finally finished my antique lamp restoration and I think it turned out amazing! It is a cultural dazzler.

You may remember my post from two weeks ago where I put the antique Indian sari on the fantastic "Mini Turban" frame. Well, here it is in its final glory!


Ahhh..the beads. You all know how I feel about making a master bead strand--it is painstaking and filled with crazy-making frustration. My tribulations this time included:

  • Not having the right color and size of beads to get started
  • Driving two hours to the biggest bead store in the world and burning a paycheck
  • Sewing at least 25 strands on before I realized the need for alternating strands
  • Freaking out that I did not buy enough of a very important bead, only to be exactly ONE bead short. I found an undetectable replacement.

As always, Dax was there to help bring me in off the ledge. Here she is surveying all of the vintage Venetian seed beads that I purchased. Look at that cute!

Here's how the beads finally ended up looking after Dax told me to get my shit together, quit complaining and get back to work. In total, the shade contains 72 hand-strung stands, and 1,152 pieces. I just LOVE the garnet drops on the ends, which I found hidden in the "vintage" section of the bead store. You won't see these anywhere else because I bought them all. Muah ha ha ha haaaaa!

A close-up of that gorgeous antique silk sari with all of its lovely embroidery, sequins, hand beading, and jewels. Notice the delicate jacquard pattern in the fabric, with gold thread highlights? So pretty!

Just for fun, here's a "before" shot of the lamp. Heh...I remember that day.

And here's the finished lamp, all lit up and glowing. The jewels on the sari are translucent, and you can see light shining through them. Very cool effect! For the finish, I used two different antique metal trims shipped over from Amsterdam. With regard to the base, I decided not to paint it. I loved the dark patina of the original finish, and the haphazard paint it came with---gives it that insanely authentic antique look!

One more picture, just because this one turned out so gol'darned pretty!

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, everyone!

All images © @crytalize.


Oh my, that's stunning! I can't believe how you took an antique sari and then matched all the beads to it to make something so unique and gorgeous. You have an amazing talent :) (and Dax is a beauty!)

Thank you @mtnmeadowmomma! With Dax as my muse, all goes well. Hee!

woww amazing job!
I love handcraft too. But not as good as you!!

Your story of struggle makes me feel a whole lot better about the schemozzle of a thing I turned out the one time I tried to do this. Yours is beautiful. I love the way the light shines through those gorgeous beads.

A wonderful result of the work! I thought that everything would be very beautiful and original. I have two lamps, but I still will not find the time to make such beautiful lampshades. I wish you creative success in your unique work!

OMG! Job well done!!! Even Kitty was stunned <3

Wow, I just love it! It's amazing looking and you're so talented!! I can't believe how much work goes into these guys and you do such an amazing job making them look just perfect. I love those beads. They're gorgeous and definitely compliment the fabric! Wow!!

Thank you so much @apanamamamma! Yes, the lamps really are a lot of work but they are so worth it! It seems like there are not many of us out "there" doing this sort of thing so I enjoy not having much competition..LOL! I really appreciate your kind compliments!!

I can imagine it is nice not having competition! All of them are so nice. I just love that you photograph the process and completion. :)

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Thanks! Yeah, Minnowsupport upvote bot has narcolepsy now. Every time I go there it is sleeping. Good thing I delegate STEEMpower to it...ahem. I'll check out your page. Thanks for visiting!

Lmao, narcolepsy. Sounds good , see ya around!

This is simply fabulous work! Love it!

Thank you for the wonderful compliment and visit to my page, @artbyjolla!

My pleasure...:) have a wonderful weekend :)

That lamp is outstanding! I really like the antique lamp it's self, and the lampshade really sets it off very well!
It's a good thing you have Dax to keep you on the path... :-)

Hey @amberyooper! Thanks so much for the page visit! Yeah, that lamp base is really something else...I snapped it up off Ebay the second I saw it. Mine, mine mine!

Gorgeous Work!! Beautiful functional art!! How precious!! Truly stunning <3

Thank you @ipharadsi! There simply is no art like functional art, in my opinion. Thanks for the visit and the kind words!

Oooh love it! Good girl, Dax, for bringing your human in from the beading ledge! LOL And garnet is sooo nice! Fantastic work, @crystalize!

Ha ha ha haaaaa! Thank you for understanding that there is indeed such a thing as a "beading ledge". LOL!!!

Oh, I have so been there. For me it's "separating out the colors from big jars of rainbow seed beads." I think I spent two or three or four days doing that

As before, an extraordinary project. All your lamps are unique. And, that pussy Cat is unique, beautiful and proud ....

Yes, that is one happy kitty cat, @itaka! Thanks so much for the wonderful and heartfelt compliment!

antique lamps that have high artistic value, and have a history of the past

Thanks so much for your kind comment, @salim70!

wow !!!!! my dear, you did a terrific thing !!!! the beads are gorgeous and you picked them up very harmoniously !!!!! Dax is delighted with your purchase :)))) Sari got a new life !!!! I am delighted!!!!!

Thanks so much @tali72! Nice to see you here again. Yes, Dax is having a wonderful time watching me work too hard. LOL!

this is beautiful :)

Thank you so much @shahaan! came out beautiful! I sympathize with you on 'one bead short' and that panic of running out of an important bead.

You do such lovely work! <3

Thanks so much @elew! Yeah, I actually worked it 5 hours straight just to see if I was going to end up short. I learned my lesson: BUY MORE BEADS THAN YOU NEED. LOL!

Beautiful as always. You have a wonderful knack of choosing just the right ingredients to go together so harmoniously! I like the lamp base as well. I was wondering how you can part with these gorgeous lamps when you are finished. I would want to keep them all! I guess you will always have your photos though. Thanks for sharing! 😀

Hi @anise! To be honest, it is indeed hard to part with them once they are done. But they must be set free into the world! LOL. I have only one on display in my house, that I decided to keep, and it is the twin of this one:

Ahh, I can definitely see why you kept it! I love it's unusual shape and perfect symetry! ❤️

And it goes perfectly with the colors and patterns in my spare bedroom!!

Girl this lamp camp out so freakin Gorgeous!!!! Another job well done! I am so glad the beads worked out for you and you found a replacement for that one. I love the closeup pics you do of the beads and I of course always love seeing Dax around helping you, such a pretty cat! Driving 2 hours are serious about your projects!! Mad respect my friend! 😘

LOL. Too funny, @crosheille! Yes, I admit that the well of dedication runs deep. Thanks so much for always being so supportive of my efforts. <3

Absolutely!! 💕

bead bead is beautiful and nice, amazing there is a beautiful cat, this beautiful friend, thank you for sharing friend @crystalize

Thank you so much, @jhoni! I think the bead work turned out really nice on this one, and I have the cat to thank for it. LOL!

My goodness! This is stunning!! I love watching you bring new life to lamps with gorgeous lampshades. Keep up the great work!

Thank you so much @mrscwin! I appreciate the visit!

How cool is this finish line, and here I thought it was already finished the last time I saw it, you accentuated the beauty of the lamp and It looks so great, I looked for your piece last week tho, lol I cant believe you coveted a whole bead collection ! Nice work.

Hi @wondermaey! Yes, finally the finish line! Woot! This one took awhile to finish and I was away on a business trip last week and I could not work on it. Thanks for the page visit!

I really like the colours of the photos @crystalize.
And we all need a cat like Dax to help us make those tricky decisions 😆

Hi @cryptocariad. Yes, she is quite the little "helper". So glad that you like the lamp!

One bead short! That'll be your secret. Maybe some day someone will notice and it will be like a shared secret across time.

I'm beginning to think it is my trademark, @luthvarian! A few of my lamps have one mismatched bead.

It turned out great! And your Dax is such a cutie! Great photos of the process and beads.

Thank you so much, @jamethiel! This one was hard!

It was good enough before, but it became a more luxurious and more valuable lamp with beads attached to it

It's fantastic!!! I really like the result. I think, the lamp turned out original , vintage and very colorful!
P.s. I can't imagine your posts without a cat)

Thank you, @naditinkoff! I agree--a post without my cat is not a post at all. LOL!

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