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This week, I'm midway through culturally stylized antique lamp restoration project!

Current Project

Well, I decided to "get my India on". This little shade goes with the below noted lamp that I showed you last week. The shade is a dodecagon shape and it's called "Mini Turban". As you can see, I'm nearly done with the shade--all but the hard part, which is the bead work.

Here's the antique lamp base that the shade will eventually rest upon. I have never seen anything like it before. No markings on it at all, and I honestly cannot tell what style it emulates. But it's pretty cool, and I thought that the "Mini Turban" shade was perfect for it. I love how the shade shape is the same as the cut-outs at the bottom of the lamp base.

Last year, I ordered an antique Sari directly from India. This one arrived from New Delhi and blew my mind. The fabric is a silk and metallic blend jacquard with sequins and glass beads, all hand-sewn. Here's Dax acting as a paperweight upon my Sari just in case gale-force winds should blow through the kitchen.

For the lining, I selected a nice dark rayon. But it was paper thin. I put the Sari fabric over it, and it was paper thin. No matter what I did, I could see the bulb. I needed a layer of silk between the lining and the Sari.

Here's where things get interesting. I wanted a fade from light to dark on the shade. So, I used some leftover hand-dyed silk that faded from lemon to raspberry. Here's the silk halfway sewn onto the dark lining.

Soooo...I got busy sewing the Sari fabric onto the frame. I finished it. Yaay! I even started putting the trim on. Then I changed my mind.

I went back and cut the fabric off every other panel. This was no small decision because it took me eight hours to sew it all on after trimming and positioning.

But it was the right choice, since the Sari trim looks so cool on the side panels. I was so curious to see how it looked with light shining through. See headliner photo for post trim application. More to come on this one!!

Last Week's Project

Remember this one? Yep, you guessed it....I'm still waiting for the beads to arrive from Belgium. Once they arrive, I'll be beading until I'm bug-eyed. I still haven't figured out what trim I want to use on this one but I'm hoping the beads will give me a clue. So, more to come on this one, too!

Newest Project

I started a new project! This shade frame is called "Napoleon". I have an antique lamp base that goes prefect with it. I've already hand-dyed the fabric and picked-out the laces that I will use. This one is going to be a stunner!

Happy #NeedleworkMonday, everyone!

All images © @crytalize.


Once again, I am loving the lampshades! The silk you had leftover did the trick for the sari shade fabric, and it looks stunning! Can’t wait to see what beadwork you do with it!

Thank you kindly, @mrscwin! It's going to be so much fun!

Amazing, amazing as usual!! It's so cool what you can do with some old clothes and a lamp shade. Wow!! I can't wait to see this one finished with its beads on.

I just got the beads from Belgium today for the white shade. Yaaay! Thanks so much for your support!

I appreciate seeing your work every monday. It feels a little bit like leafing through a magazine.

Thanks so much, @metzli! You made me giggle a little!

Beautiful as always! Egads that IS no small decision to undo so much work, but it looks great!
Where do you find all these unique shade frames?
PS, I adore Dax.

The shade frames come from three different sources--one in Canada and two in California. There are "wire benders" out that that hand-made the frames. They can be costly, but seem to average about $40 per frame. Heh, Dax says hello! She is currently licking her paw and flicking her tail. This is a danger sigh. LOL!


You are restoring lamps with big joy and love, I can fill it from your text and from pictures, and you have talent in design to use proper shape and colours to made it all together to be perfect...

Thanks so much for the kind compliment, @handwork! I appreciate it very much!!!!

Dax always has your back, thinking of those unpredictable weather scenarios!!! That Sari is gorgeous. Cant wait to see the beading on your new one too. The shape of the Napoleon os interesting.

Yeah, @thriftymum, Dax is hilarious. She is involved with very project. I think she likes the strange smells of antique textiles, which keeps her nearby. That, and the fact that beads, lace and thread are simply toys. It is unusual for me to be doing three projects at once, but when waiting on materials to come in the mail, I have little choice. Can't be idle. LOL!

I like the multitasking of it! And I cant wait to see more Dax photos next week. She is so cute and mischievious!

Beautiful as usual.

The sari cloth is beautiful and works so well! This is such intricate art, thank you for sharing the process.

Thanks, @jamiethiel! You should see it in person. Miles and miles of fabric! But not all of it has the fancy design. Some serious cutting with this one.

I can believe that! Do you save the unused pieces for future projects?

I sure do. There's a ton a fabric around here!!

Really interesting to follow your decision process @crystalize.
I never considered whether one should see the light bulb through the shade, but I totally agree with you.
I like the colours and look forward to the next installment.

Thanks @cryptocariad! Yes, every time I see the bulb through one of my shades I know that I have done something wrong. LOL!

nice and unique art @ jhoni really enjoy it, thank you very much for sharing, success for you my friend @crystalize

I already picture those lovely fabrics turning into beautiful lamp shade masterpieces. You are really good at this. And Ofcourse we can count on Dax to help out lol! Happy needleworkmonday!

Yes, Dax is always willing to lend her help with lamp restoration and sewing. Hah. Thank you for the kind compliment. More to come!

Alright then, I'll keep in expectation

It is very stylish design.I can not really think such a nice design.

Loved reading your journey through your creative process!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful and functional art!!

Thankfully you have a cat who protects you from indoor storms ... Your work would be so much harder if everything would be flying around 😆
I love the colour gradient in your shade, (I generally love colour gradients e.g. in yarn) it looks amazing when illuminated.
Do you sell these lamps (for a living)? Because everything is so professional <3

Another beautiful finished piece of art!!! I love that you decided to dye the shade lemon to raspberry, it looks lovely and that was so clever.

I hope those beads give you some ideas on the trim! Thanks for sharing more of your beautiful handiwork! Looking forward to seeing the finished results this next one!

Thanks so much, @crosheille! Yes, it looks like I'm going to be spending the rest of the month doing beadwork!

Happy needleworkmonday! I like the result of your work!
P.s. What would you do without help your cat ?)))

Right? She really is a strong contributor!

Beautiful story explaining the process, I love the look of them.

such beautiful work crystalize. I love sari fabric but im always to afraid to cut it lol.

sari is really awesome !!! Dax looks great on it :)))) it's just amazing what amazing things the wizard did before manually !!!! Have not you got the beads ordered yet?

Hi @tali72. I usually search for beads after I have finished sewing the lampshade. I have many in my studio, but I never know what colors I will need until the shade is finished. I will start the beads for this shade on the coming weekend. Thanks!

Oh my goodness, what can I say? These are definite works of art!

You are so wonderful with fantastic shades! I really like your ideas. You are a very talented master of your craft.
And your cat is just cute))).

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