SAC: What's Up Dog Stencil Acrylic Painting

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This is my first painting for a series of paintings I will paint in the next few weeks. The theme of this series is Dog and is inspired by the rabies outbreak in my state Sarawak (Malaysia Borneo). The outbreak is getting serious with 22 areas are declared rabies-affected areas. The outbreak claimed its fifth victim when a 52-year-old man died on Sunday. He was bitten by a dog in May. Four children had died from the outbreak.

The local veterinary authorities are doing their best to vaccinate as many dogs as possible to control the outbreak. This include offering free rabies vaccination for dogs in the affected areas. I have been very cautious and hardly bring my kids outdoors since the outbreak started. We avoided places where they are known to have stray dogs.

I am submitting this painting for the STEEMARKET ART CONTEST under painting category. I know the competition is going to be fierce but like I said in my previous post, participating in contests is one good way to find like-minded people in Steemit.

Details of this painting:-

Category: painting

Title: What's Up Dog?

Size: 38cm x 28cm, 200gsm paper

Date: 26 July 2017

Technique: Stencil art on acrylic background - dry brush technique


What do you think of this painting? I highly appreciate it if you upvote and leave a comment because they are part of the criteria in choosing the winners. If you think this painting deserves to win, kindly upvote and comment. Thank you!

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Beautiful colors...I especially like the strokes of white.
I hope that you and your children stay safe during the outbreak. <3


Thank you @creativesoul . Me too. It's a bit concerning and we do have stray dogs in this neighborhood but our compound is gated and that does help :)

LOVE IT! and I love that you include the specs about the paper hehe


Thank you @kaylinart . It's one of their requirements :)

This is really cute :)


Thank you @thetruthbomb . I never really draw animals before. This is something new for me :)


Really? You did such a good job!!


Thank you!

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