Art Jam With My Kids

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My son is sick with a cold and high fever so there is no fancy art post from me today. I was busy spending the day tending to him and chauffeuring my daughter to and from school, going to the doctor and so on.

And I was thinking I should take a break too. I was planning to watch National Geographic's Genius: Picasso but it didn't happen. Probably I will take some time to watch it later tonight, that is if my son can sleep well. If not I will have to watch it some other time. It's a series of 3 episodes and one episode is about an hour. That is the life of a mother. We are no longer free to do whatever we want, whenever we want. The family always comes first. Some people especially those who have no kids cannot quite understand the dedication we have to our family. Please don't get me wrong. I am not saying this in a condescending manner. Everyone has their own views on things and that is fine. However, most of my friends are supportive and understanding.

But I digress.

I was writing about Picasso yesterday, Crypto Art Challenge [Round 6: Cardano Edition] | Staying Focus Like Picasso and even though I knew a bit about this legendary artist, I was intrigued to find out more. I knew National Geographic did a mini-series on Picasso and it was on NatGeo channel recently. I still have it on my playlist (recorded).

Other than that, I did "art jam" with my children this afternoon. My daughter has been asking for a new sketchbook and I gave her one of my unused sketchbooks (yes, I have several sketchbooks). And this is what she drew today:


Of course, my unwell son did his best with his abstract painting:


And here's mine. I did a simple collage in my sketchbook which you can see here:

That's all for today. See ya all tomorrow!


Thank you for checking out my post!

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Your post is very nice,i m very happy reading your post,thanks for posting........

I must watch the fiction of Picasso his art always fascinated me but i never studied it before.


Yes me too @noemilunastorta. He was very prolific and inspiring.

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