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If you haven't ran into @witkowskipawel yet, check out his blog! He is a really talented portrait photographer who has been making some awesome posts since joining a couple months ago.

Last week I was reading a travel blog he posted about a trip to a ruined castle and I was really struck by a photo of a decaying brick wall (see image to the left - original photography by @witkowskipawel used with permission).

I could instantly tell it would be a very fruitful base image for my alien art process. The combination of brick texture, and slimy liquid, and crumbling patches = alien playground for me and my AI collaborator.

Pawel was gracious enough to let me mutate his photography and share the results with you today :)

Original Base Image Crop (rotated)


First Mutation

Pawel's Wall First Mutation

First Mirror

Pawel's Wall First MirrorClick to embiggen


Allow me to share a bit of my alien art process. I wanted to make a mutated base image that would leave the original photograph a bit farther behind for the next round of mutations.

I use the Deep Dream Generator for the initial creation of new shapes, but the images it produces are typically patchy. Some sections of the newly generated image will be awesome, while the AI will struggle to fill in other areas.

I liked the melty shapes I was able to attain using a black & white pen psychedelic drawing as the style image, but there were too many chunky sections of undifferentiated black. So I used the Smudge and Clone Stamp Tools in PhotoShop to fill in the areas of black with textures taken from other sections of the image. A texture graft :) The GIF below is flashing back and forth between the original patchy deep dream layer, and the modified version I created to use as a new base image for the second generation mutations below.


Second Generation Mutations

pawel dream blue greenblue bones.jpg

pawel dream blellow greenblue psych lines.jpg

pawel dream psych bones.jpg

Second Mirror

pawel dream psych bones mirror.jpgClick to embiggen

45° Rotation Crop (new base image for 3rd generation mutations)

pawel dream psych bones mirror 2 rot crop.jpg

3rd Generation Mutations

pawel mutation I diffpsych bones lines.jpg

pawel mutation I bones lines bw.jpg

Third Mirror

pawel mutation I bones lines bw mirror.jpgClick to embiggen

3rd Mirror Crops

pawel mutation I bones lines bw mirror crop II.jpg

pawel mutation I bones lines bw mirror vert crop.jpg


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Absolutely and totally mindblown following this process from the starting photo of a physical wall - to the incredible complex piece of art it turned into. Big thanks to @tygertyger for always sharing the good stuff she finds, I might have missed this post of fascination of it was not for her.

I have to agree with the comments, in a few of the images I do see faces - in fact some of the progress images are unique pieces of art in their own work.

I love the creativity and uniqueness of this post, it's just a shame it doesn't receive more visibility - I'm sure many more people would love to enjoy this given the chance.

#thealliance #witness


Hey thanks for this great comment and the resteem :) I love @tygertyger so glad she has been inspired by some of my art and photography to do her own (awesome) versions.

I have been developing what I call my alien art process for a while now and I am really getting some interesting results. Here are a couple other cool examples:


I wuv you too :D

Wohoo that's a lot of AI manipulations, but very interesting effect. I do like how it look in the end - the cropped part you've used as a first image looks like having a cyberpunk angel in middle (yay). Whole work looks like a good background for some crazy alien-cyberpunk board game :) Well done, I'm happy I could be somewhat part of this creation, keep the hard work! Everything the best for you my friend.


Thanks for letting me have some fun with your photo Pawel! I saw that same cyberpunk angel when I cropped out the cover image :)

wow.... great pic......


Thanks :) I am happy with the results



Wow! Amazing creativity 👌 I don't know about you guys, but I can see faces in it. Top job 😊

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Thanks @kingcole84 :) Faces tend to pop up when you start mirroring intricate shapes, the symmetry that happens with the mirroring is what does it

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