DAILY ARTZONE WINNER - 9th September 2018

in art •  4 months ago

Hi beautiful Artzonians,

I'm @jacobite and I will be sharing with you some wonderful art posts that were published today.

Congrats to @li-art as she bags the ultimate winner for today's @artzone daily curation.
You just won 100% upvote from ARTZone


The fierceness in its eyes was well captured,
I totally love this art.




Lovely style of drawing,
It is amazing to see how each strokes formed a beautiful art at the end.



This is a fine piece of art,

I find drawing on coloured (especially black) canvas more difficult than the traditional white paper but this piece makes it look easy.



Excellently done,
This is on fine piece of doodle I have seen.



This looks pretty,
Lovely the shadings style.



Beautiful landscape.
I love the little details you add, they made this art appear more realistic.



Totally love this piece,
Who isn't a fan of one Marvel's character?
Thanks for also showing the steps involved.



Ok this art is super beautiful, same with the lady.
I love the sexy smokey eyes you gave to her.
And the angel of your drawing is just right enough to show her beauty better.

That's all for today. Until next time, keep the posts coming!!!

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Thanks for building this community with us.
Much love from @jacobite on behalf of
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nice post,

Also pls checkout my recent post , hope you like the same


Yours works are beautiful, we see them daily but are unable to verify the originality and authenticity of the arts.

Kindly always attach steps on how you created the design or append your signature (which in this case will be your steemit username) to your designs as we only approve originally created art.

And also remember to use #artzone as one of your tags so that we can find you easily.



I would like to know, how can i do to participate on this kind of contest, 'cuz i draw and i would like to participate!


To stand a chance to be picked in our daily curation all you have to do is to follow this set of rules.

  1. Follow our @artzone account
  2. Use the #artzone tag as one of the tags in all your art related posts.
  3. Always attach steps on how you created the design or append your signature (which in this case will be your steemit username) to your designs as we only approve originally created art.

Thats all.

We will love to review your works soon.

Wow.... Theae are so lovely. I really need to sharpen my drawing skills ooo... Weldone @jacobite... Weldone @artzone


Hurry, get your pencil and canvas ready.
We will love to see your arts.

Thanks for the comment.

Beautiful art and drawing
I like it your beautiful community. I appreciate your valuable content. thanks for sharing your life..


Thanks for being part of this community

Great community
I like it your every Post. I appreciate your artzone. thank you so much my friend for sharing this art and drawing..


Thanks for the love

Beautiful artzone
I like it this art and drawing. I appreciate your valuable content. thanks for sharing your beautiful community..


Thanks for being part of this community

Wow I love all this art! It’s nice to see art rewarded on Steemit! I need to check out this whole artzone project and maybe join in hehe

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Thanks for the comment,

We will love to see you join the Artzone community,
Follow us ( @artzone) and use the #artzone tag as one of your tags to stand a chance to be picked.


Hello @artzone. That's amazing post. It really excite me when i see art stuffs. Those paintings and drawings are really nice. Nice to meet artist from different part of the world. Keep sharing and encouraging people around. I would love to see myself someday on the list. Thanks for sharing, have a great day.


Thanks alot for this warm comment.

I am sure someday you will definately make the list.
Just remember to always attach steps on how you created the design or append your signature (which in this case will be your steemit username) to your designs as we only approve originally created art.

Grandes Artistas

Sin duda alguna todos los dibujos estan geniales y súper creativos


Muchas gracias por el comentario, los amamos a todos.

maravillosas obras felicidades a todos.


Muchas gracias amigo

Entre gustos y colores... @romanskv y @napa son los mejores


Thanks for the feedback.
We appreciate it.

Much appreciated for the support!


You are much welcome

Congratulations to this week's winners! His works of art are fantastic have done excellent work


Thanks a bunch @gvand

Thank you dear @artzone <3


Thanks for making awesome arts


Thank you so much dear artzone :)

@artzone, I am very grateful to you for sharing my post, I will continue to improve my artwork, I will also continue to support you.


Thanks for making awesome art.

Thanks for your support.
We love you all.

Congratulations to the winners. Looks like there was no tough competition this time around.


We were able to pick this few best.

Some awesome arts were displayed but we couldn't verify the originality of the arts.
We advice all artists to show some sort of Proof-Of-Work to their designs


Ok that's good. Like what and what would you demand for proof of ownership?

Congratulations to all the winner's and thank you @artzone for the support


You are greatly welcome

Hello @artzone, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!