4 days left to join the 5th Art-Trail Contest - NUDES

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Call for Steem artists! You have time till Saturday, June 17, h 11pm GMT, to join the 5th Art-Trail Contest and win 15 Steem and 750 Trail tokens!

The thematic category for this edition is  

Nude/Human body/Anatomic Study

The naked human body is one of the most ancient subject in art. There were nudes in art when art was not... art yet! Representing the naked body means showing intimacy, humanity, nature, frailty, beauty, sensuality, essence. Sometimes all these sides of human being together. 

The 3 categories are so 

  1. NUDE/Human body/Anatomic Study (digital, photographic or traditional painting/drawing)
  2. PAINTING (Not digital)

You can submit 1 artwork for each of these categories.

All submitted artworks have obviously to be original made by the artist who owns the steemit account. Bots are not allowed to submit.

 🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏   

To submit an artwork, each artist has to:

- make a post containing "5nd Art-Trail Contest" in the title and #arttrailcontest5 in the tag- publish in the post a photograph of his submitted artwork/s (at least 1200px for the longest side)- indicate category, title, size, date and technique of the submitted artworks.- paste the link to his posts in the comments of this post. 

🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  🍏  


The winner of each category will receive 250 TRAIL Token and 5 Steems and will be featured in the Art Trail. 

 The results will be posted on June 19, Monday 

🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  

Hey! There are just a few artworks submitted so far! Come on! :)

 🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧  🐧   

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I'm definitively in! Will post my digital painting later ;)


As I promised!

I'll also make a post with this giving mention of this contest and will also resteem your post to feature it =)


Thanks for reminding me! I hope I'll be able to make something tomorrow :)

Looks very interesting. Will be in for sure.

Come on, dear artists, show me some sexy lines: d

I think i better get painting! Awesome contest by the way.

Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! Readers might be interested in similar content by the same author:

My entry is in :)

First hour using steem and I stumble upon this! I'm so excited to have joined and to witness how the art community will develop!

P.S. Im totally entering. Upvoted 💜

I think I did everything...going to double check:) Thanks again for all your hard work:)

Can't wait to see the results! There are loads of goods paintings here!!!

Hello! Hope you like this submission. Originally posted here:

I realize it doesn't have the tag, or the title, and since it was posted a while ago, not able to edit. I'll have to look at see if I have a high-res image of this too.


Amazing piece of art!

Little Tiny Planet – competition, contest and more!

You are all invited to my small competition: