Prague. Urban sketching

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Recently I was at a webinar with Anna Egida. We painted pieces of Prague: it was necessary to make one drawing from several photos. The webinar flew quickly, and we did not use all the markers declared to it ... therefore, we can only guess about the purpose of the dark cold gray 😂😂😂. In any case, I really liked it!!!
But a little later, I still finished the sketch with the markers that were stated earlier.
With the advent of cold gray, the foreground moved forward and volume appeared. And that's cool.

Do you see the difference between the first photo and the last one?

All my paintings can be bought for sbd/steem

Thank you for watching!


P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.


It is amazing the things that can be done thought webinars these days. Really helps connect people with things of interest without distance being in the way. Thank you for sharing your amazing work.

Увидела ниже, что твой родной язык - русский) Поэтому решила не выпендриваться и написать на нем) Мне понравилась твоя работа) Очень воздушно вышло, браво)
Я не была в Праге, к сожалению, но судя по здешней архитектуре, устоять от желания сделать эскиз просто невозможно)

Спасибо)) Неожиданно встретить русскоговорящих из тех, кого я еще не знаю 😂. Мне вообще трудно пройти мимо архитектуры. Если нет времени зарисовать - то хотя бы фото, чтобы нарисовать потом))

Отличная идея, я про фото) Стоит взять на заметку тоже и, наконец-то, перестать лениться)

YES. The windows of the central tower have been defined. Lovely work @amalinavia ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thank you!))

I really like it, @amalinavia :)

The monochrome in this piece really shows off your understanding of light and shadows <3 Love how you used shades of gray to indicate distance and light source ! :D Very lovely work !!!

Thank you)) Work in monochrome is the basis of any art))

This reminds me of the art in april on the streets where painting of the streets and houses is wellknown

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