Draw with me: succulent Ariocarpus

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Step-by-step tutorial for drawing a succulent Ariocarpus with finecolour markers.

I propose to draw with me the succulent Ariocarpus. A minimum of markers - maximum pleasure. We will need 3-4 pink, 3 green, 1 beige or light brown and yellow. Look the picture))


  1. Draw the approximate arrangement of the petals and their shape with the liner. We pay attention to the ratio of one petal to another in space.
  2. We take two light shades of pink and one brown. Pink outlines the flower petals in the brightest places. Brown outline the tops of the dried leaves and the shadow parts of the petals of the flower.
  3. Now we take medium pink and draw flower petals, from light pink to medium we make a gradient.
  4. Add dark pink in the shadow on the petals, make a gradient from light to dark.
  5. Add a little light pink to the brown. Dark pink apply the second layer in the darkest parts of the petals.
  6. We turn to the green leaves and mark the lightest places with a light green marker.
  7. Add green midtone and make the gradient from light to dark where necessary.
  8. And now it’s dark green for dark leaves and shadows. With yellow we draw stamens.

We take a white gel pen and add glare daughters to the greenery and the light parts of the flower's petals.
I like to draw flowers and plants, but not as much as architecture)) I hope you will appreciate it!))

All my paintings can be bought for sbd/steem

You can find me here: https://www.instagram.com/amalinavia/

Thank you for watching!


P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.


Your work is always truly amazing. I love your works on architecture but this also stands out.

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A delightfully light and beautifully coloured drawing Amalinavia. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

@amalinavia - this is a great tutorial for making a beautiful little picture of flowers. I actually believe I could use this guide and come up with a credible effort - if only I had some markers, lol. I think I could actually try it with my grandkids' crayon set just to see how much I enjoy it before investing in markers. Markers seem like a good way to get creative instead of using paint. Thanks for sharing!

That is so pretty, @amalinavia. It looks very realistic! I may have to get out my art supplies again. You are inspiring me.

Another excellent tutorial. Thank you. I will share this with my daughters. They love to draw.


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Wow! I love succulents and we have many here in our garden.
This is a brilliant step by step guide my friend!

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