Medusa slaying a Wyvern

in art •  4 months ago 

Hi guys,

I recently completed my sculpt of Medusa. Her legend always fascinated me.
Here is a break down of how I went about achieving it.


Blocking the base first

Playing and blocking the tail proportion

Testing out Armor




I follow the same process as with Medusa. Blocking the character and getting the desired silhouette before adding details.
52607907_250625012524806_619215936259358720_n.jpg 53613676_1079575052222154_3300050809214992384_n.jpg53043609_2196497800407755_5258830890062053376_n.jpg

Once satisfied with the form I add/test details.

Now I pose the Wyvern and do some test renders.

Finally combine the 2 assets and add more things such as arrows and chains for more dramatic effect.

This is the final result:






Hope you guys like it :)


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Beautiful and really creative! It must have required loads of patience...

Do you this for a video game or you're gonna print or what...? Fine work! Upvoted!

Wow, this is more than astonishing!!! Looking forward for more amazing creations Allan😊😊

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Amazing art !!! The two of them are each very finely sculpted and I love the details and design of both :) Gorgeous pictures that highlight each of their models, too <3 And when you place them together, it definitely creates a dramatic and wonderful piece !

Will you post the finished render??? I would LOVE to see it :)

the last ones are the finished renders...If you mean after coloring them, then ya someday soon i will

Yes, I meant colouring :) Sorry I'm mostly a pencil/inking artist and digital art terminologies still confuse me :D

I love your artstation, Allan :D I would LOVE it if you are more active on Steemit again :D You have magical 3D artworks * ___ *

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