Quick Portrait With Ink and Brush

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Ink and Brush

A Quick Portrait of A Girl


A lot of experiment has occurred during my artblock time and this one is the product of those things. I always love to draw eyes and shapes, geometrically and ethnic figures to be exact. And there are times that I combine portraits and geometry. This time I tried to use ink to convey what I wanted to express.


  • Sumi Ink
  • Board Paper
  • Pointed Brush
  • Water
  • Pencil


I usually start with drawing the eyes with pencil because I believe that it is the feature of the drawing or any artwork that is most viewed and focused. After I finished the whole draft, I then started with inking (my most favorite part).

I started to add more symbols, scripts and shades later on.
The script I used is Baybayin . It is one of the ancient writing systems of the Filipino before any colonialization. And thank goodness, Baybayin is being used nowadays by many of the millenials and even teachers. I learned Baybayin when I was in 5th grade.


The script on the lower left means "GUTOM" or "HUNGER". while the script on the upper right is "KUMUSTA KA?" or "HOW ARE YOU?" in English. The lower right script is my name in Baybayin.
I always write Kamusta Ka? in my recent artworks. It's also my way of communication to the audience of my artworks. I have the urge to ask any person who I meet how are they doing, I just want to assure that they are okay and if not, I am hoping that I could at least ease they worries or sadness.

I wrote HUNGER because I am hungry at that time. And yes, I write what I feel or think when I create artworks in any ways. Most of the phrases are questions. So yeah! I was hungry haha.

The symbols for me are my characteristics and the things that I wanted to have in my life. The Arrows depicts strength and courage as it is commonly used by ethnic warriors at wars (long time ago). It is also the symbol of Sagittarius :) The circle defines my life in this world, as we all say, Wheel of Life, sometimes we felt that we are at the lowest part of humanity and is losing hope, but there will always a day when we become better and brighter.

You can watch this video for the whole process.

It's the timelapse of the whole drawing process which originally took me 6 to 10 minutes to finish in real time.

And that's it

Thank you for dropping by !

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You touch paper and beautiful things come out ! * ___ *

My doodles are a lot less spontaneous compared to yours and so I feel like you must be a magician, or something.... hahahah I love it, @aalagenesis <3 Very pretty and very expressive <3

I am moved by what you said @veryspider. Thank you so much <3 <3

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Thank you!

Quick you said.. but it has so much work in form and symbolism:) I liked the symbols and the story but i think you skipped mentioning what they are saying:) Is it a word, a phrase? I am curious:)

I apologize for that, I am not good in expressing things in words but I will try to put it down on this post :) Thank you for noticing

No need to say sorry.. I just wanted to know if the symbols had a meaning or is it a word. I am sorry, it was a comment just out of curiosity and nothing else, I am not good at expressing myself with words too.

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Please don't say sorry too. Actually you helped me to write more valuable and meaningful post here :) It's now updated, you can take a look at the meanings of the symbol :)

Thanks again @georgeboya !


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Yey thank's another cake!

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I love looking at timelapses of artists at work - especially drawing seems like such a mystery to me - where to start and when to decide you're finished :D Thanks for sharing!

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