Art-Venture Magazine No.197

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,

This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art and photography on Steem.



Welcome to our Mid-Week issue and there is something we wanted to announce today.

No matter what the “whales” and VIP Steemians say when they claim that now we have more Creative people and community growth, we on other hand see that there are much less Artists now creative Artworks.

In the past there were so many Artworks that it was hard for us to decide who we should include but who should wait the next magazine.

Now because of few people who draw and paint already have Upvotes and their payouts are above $4 - 5.00 . On other hand we see often the beauty of professional photography done with Artistic touch but now they are not seen and valued.

Therefore, as a new change we thought if there will be not enough of traditional Artworks we will include works from professional photographs with Artistic touch, the ones whose payout still low. That means, here are a good mixture of both 50/50 Artworks and Photography.


Hope you will like them and please me us know what do you think about that :)



Today's selected Artists

Autumn forest in the Netherlands, fog and sunrise! - @haastrecht



Inktober 2019 Day 4! - @ligarayk



Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 101 | My Passion - @davidsuarezms



#Inktober Day 15 - You know! - @flynneastwood



Dark Phone Art ( Old Grass ) - @foxkoit



INKTOBER Día #8 "FRAGIL" - @hadley4



Steemit Portrait Photography Contest Week 101 !!! - @sawyn



Dibujo de Perfil de Rostro de Gato Montes - @marcocosta



Sunny mornings - @anetta



The gardener in brown (oil on paper) - @silviabeneforti







What meant by traditional Art:

  • Pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylic-oil painting , pastel
  • Always with a step-by-step process
  • Art works should be submitted under tag: “art-venture”
  • Sorry No digital-art !
  • Every second day curation of 10 posts with 100%
  • A day after curation for re-charging the power
  • and now also photography



your Supporters




Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,
@stef1 and @myskye

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great job at collecting these amazing works :)

@tipu curate

Nice selection. Congratulations to those who made the list.

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