Finally Network & Critday Collaboration [The DApp - Steem-based Portfolio for Architecture Students]

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It’s finally here

A collaboration with @critday.

Critday has an engaged and active audience of architecture students on Instagram [critday] and on Finally has a new prototype website platform. We discussed at length what would be an appropriate collaboration. The plan for Finally is to create a website builder platform using data stored on the STEEM blockchain. STEEM users will be able to create stylish websites with minimal effort.

We decided to create a custom theme specifically designed to showcase student work. Students can get involved with the STEEM network whilst also getting a portfolio. Our thoughts were as follows.

  • Students get the opportunity for rewards for keeping an active portfolio
  • Students get a free website/portfolio that looks more professional and personal than a blog network
  • Students can network and collaborate with multi author sites or through shared hashtags
  • Critday can have an automated collection of work to further showcase the best students.
  • Critday can reach out to students and share opportunities with them.
  • The blockchain/Network benefits from content that is not for contents sake.
  • Finally Benefits from a wider user base
@critday worked on a number of designs. The initial aim is simplicity. Student sites have a small bio with contact information along with a rolling feed of the latest four work pieces.



Design we choose to work from
Integrating new themes into Finally has been made easier with a number of updates over the past few weeks. Primarily themes need two views, the main feed view and a single page view. Once these are created and styled the data for a student can be updated by logging in using Steemconnect at Currently the Critday theme can only be activated by an Admin while we decided on the best way to onboard users.

We have used @davidbaldock as the first user for the @critday - @finallynetworkcollaboration theme user. 👏



Current live version -

Thanks to @critday for the work towards this project. Thanks to @sndbox for their support and encouragement through cohort2. In a coming update we’ll be enhancing the main site and user dashboard to better explain current features and guide users.

Finally is always looking for further options for collaborations. If you’re looking into integrate your community into its own website or allow users to create a website with their STEEM data please get in touch.

If you’re interested in this project and able to support @finallynetwork we’re looking for STEEM POWER Delegation.


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Posted from my blog with SteemPress :

Big thanks @sndbox. Finally welcomes more collaborations! If you're reading this and interested in getting involved or have ideas for @finallynetwork please reach out.

Thanks again to @sndbox for the continued support of this project.Big thanks to @critday for the collaboration. We'll be bringing more updates as soon as we can. 🚀

What a great way to monetize your work as s student.

All those design students have so much great and beautiful content to share!

Hi @sndbox, thanks for the update about finally and @sambillingham!!
I noticed the Instagram link you proivded for @critday doesn't work. You should remove the @ symbol so it is like this -->

Also, how much do we have to delegate to Sam in order to have exclusive access to Finally? I remember reading about that a while back... I think.

Thanks @normalbro!

My current suggestion is 300SP to finallynetwork if you can support Finally that would be awesome. My aim is to release a couple more updates and start to push for supports and delegation over the next few weeks to get this off the ground.

Thanks. When I get up to 300SP without the help of my delegation I'll be glad to delegate to you!

Great looking out @normalbro, thanks for that!

Also if you check the @finallynetwork announcement - here - there's a 300SP (or more) delegation request at the very bottom.

So excited to have worked on this together. I hope it can incentivise architecture students to become Steem users! Thanks @sambillingham and @sndbox.

Where are the architecture students!! It's a great way to reward their efforts, advertise their works to prospective clients and promote the Steem blockchain.

Exactly! We're still working on the best way to provide as much value to the Architecture students as possible. Once there is a good plan in place we'll introduce as many as possible to the blockchain.

Thanks for information and good opportunities for students.

beautiful! love to see you guys cranking out these diverse looks. keep it up, so enjoying following along !

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