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This is my entry in the Architectural Photography contest by @juliank.

[Click Here to Enlarge Photo]

After the magnificent-looking PARKROYAL Hotel opened in Singapore in 2013, I often marvelled at the smooth, fluid, curvilinear façade of the lower floors. Tinted in 3 shades of soft grey, it made a very warm and welcoming structure.

Here’s the garden

Over the next few years, it became clear that the hotel was not really in a building, but was actually in a vertical garden. The building had started sprouting plants, and soon the lower portions of the building were draped in swathes of luxuriant greenery that cascaded over the facade.

Now, many of the higher floors are also lined with “sky gardens,” replete with lush tropical plants and bushes. And apparently even the corridors are lined with verdant foliage.

We’ll see your garden, and double it

The hotel was intentionally designed to be an “eco-friendly hotel in a garden.” It blends organic design with technology and nature to essentially improve on nature. In fact, the lush greenery now covers more than 15,000 square metres, which is more than double the original land area. Moreover, it uses solar panels, rain-harvesting, and other features to minimize water use and ensure that its operations remain sustainable. [Click Here to Enlarge Photo]

By 2017, the hotel had won 9 major architecture / design awards.

To add to that, I hereby announce that Singapore’s PARKROYAL on Pickering is the recipient of the first-ever maJes.tytyty award for “Most Magnificent, Most Luxuriant, and Finest Hotel Ever Built.” 


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I dont know, how they manage to grow such bueatiful gardens on the buildings.
This india's richest man's building
He grew grass on his building walls.

Hello @backpackingmonk, nice to see you here. I also see you at the discord servers most of the time. Do you sleep? :D

It would be nice if common people can also grow grass on walls and everywhere will be eco-friendly and sustainable :)

hahahaha. Honestly, ever since i took the additional role.
I've been sleep deprived.
Taking it too seriously, I guess XD

I was living in India when Ambani built that "house." It created quite a bit of controversy, cuz it's so ostentatious and cuz Mumai is home to many large slums.

Yeah, i saw it on many news channels, it was very controversial, but the rich can get through any barriers.

Yep. And in India (and elsewhere), there are few barriers to the rich. Sad.

Very clever. I was really amazed on how they come up with the idea of combining its design with something ultimately beneficial for Mother Earth. Thank you for sharing @majes.tytyty. I never imagine it's possible. Without a doubt, this is truly commendable.

Yes, it's a truly amazing building. Kudo to the owners and developers.

Without a doubt, it cost them a lot to add the greenery and the rain-harvesting features and the solar panels. But the cost did not hold them back. They knew what they wanted to build, and they built it.

Oh look, the Hanging Gardens Urban Version. :D

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built by Nebuchadnezzar for the pleasure of his wife.

The "Hanging Gardens of Singapore" were built for the benefit and pleasure of anyone who walks near it, or who sits in the park across the road. Or who breathes in the oxygen produced by the greenery.

Oh Gosh, I have to catch up with 100 posts now!?!? So much to read.
I have been reading about cities making vertical forests, which is the same concept of this hotel. I think it's brilliant!

Hey, where have you been? On retreat?

I think this Steemit thing is getting a bit addictive for some of us. We're lucky that it's a fine, respectable platform.

And ya, that building was amazing.

I have been working full time.
I am sending curriculum around.
I have also just started a relationship, that gives me a lot of doubts, and you know at the beginning it is very time demanding to get to know each other.
I just have no time to post here every day continuously, however don't worry: I am not dropping it!
I think with the currency going so low, this is the best period to keep posting!

Wow! If I say I haven’t seen anything like this in all my life, in movies, pictures or internet I’m not lying cause this is the first time I’d be seeing something of this nature . Wow I just can’t stop wowing at this piece of genius Engineneering. This is a next world thing, remember the movie passengers? Make me believe this is an advanced Engineneering in both Architecture and Agriculture. Beautiful pic my friend

I haven't seen this because the last time I was in Singapore was 2011. I love the entire concept of a garden building with the solar panels. I wish we have more of these kinds to have something really green in the city. And it deserves the majesty.tytyty award! :) Curious to see what it looks like inside the hotel and rooms. :)

Apparently the "sky gardens" are right outside the windows of many of the rooms. Those rooms probably cost a bit more!!

I would be so intimidated to ask for the price. I will just enjoy the cheap hostels for now. Would be nice to stay in a place like that on a special occasion though :)

This hotel can rightfully be called the 8th wonder of the world. Good luck to you and Love.

And I would bump it to the top of the list. ... 1st wonder!! :-)

I appreciate this initiative of making this eco-friendly building which is a must in this period of destruction of natural forests. This design can keep carbon level low in city and protect cities from green house effect. However, in spite of bona-fide intention, these buildings can never take the place of natural forests.

No, but most people are always going to live in cities, not forests. So this initiative is great.

No doubt this is a great initiative. I know people love to live in cities. When I said "these buildings can never take the place of natural forests", my intention was to pointing towards the importance of forests. No matter how green our cities are but natural forests are very necessary for the health of this planet. We must preserve our forests where not only trees but animals and various life forms also flourish. We need more buildings like these buildings. Also, we should increase green areas in our cities so that problem of global warming may be kept in check.

Yes, indeed. I agree with all your points. And thanks for clarifying.

I've seen this place in pictures for many times and I really love the wild appearence it's given by those plants :D

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