North American Friday: View from Koba Pyramid, Yucatan

Have you ever dreamed about reliving the adventures of Indiana Jones and climbing an ancient Maya pyramid? While the popular pyramids at Chichen Itza are closed for climbing, climbing is completely legal at some other Maya ruins in Yucatan such as the huge Koba pyramid!

1/160s; 18mm; f/6.3; ISO 100

I have also submitted this photo to the North American Friday contest by @czechglobalhosts.

Camera Gear

I captured this photo with my Sony SLT-A37* and a Sony DT 18-135mm F3,5–5,6 SAM lens.

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That's a great photo! It must feel pretty amazing to clime these ancient pyramids. It's definitely something I would want to do at one point :)


@valth Climbing the pyramids was amazing indeed! But the funniest thing was less-photogenic view a few metres from where I took this photo looking down on the hordes of tourists struggling on their way up 😅


Hehe, I can imagine that ;)

Hola @jppphotography
Debes haber realizado un ejercicio estupendo para la toma. De excelente calidad. ¿Cuantos metros alcanza la pirámide?
Al menos 40 ¿Cierto?
Saludos y Gracias por el post


@reinaldor No se, pero paracece muy alto durante la ascension!

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