Steemit Appreciation Friday No. 6

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Time is flying and it's Friday again. I welcome you to the sixth part of the ongoing #appreciationfriday series.

I'll start with an empty list and add the links to your articles as I discover and comment them.

Thank you very much for your effort and contribution.

Appreciated and commented on Friday, February the 17th 2017:

  1. My View Of The Curation Rewards Dilemma And Why We Will Lose Some Jobs by @dragosroua
  2. Close to the earth or like I try to give the picture something special.....Der Erde ganz nah oder wie ich versuche dem Bild etwas besonderes zu geben..... HomeArtPictures Originalconten by @homeartpictures
  3. jesta witness update - jan/feb 2017 by @jesta
  4. Tomatoes in my garden by @irawandedy
  5. The Port for your Yacht in Marina di Ragusa in Sicily... by @germanlifestyle

You Rock!

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Cover photo by Ervin Lemark @ Pixabay

Better and better!
Orange Swan By Lemark

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Thanks for the mention, appreciated! Steem on :)

Thank you very much.good work @ervin-lemark

Upvote and resteemed

Thanks a lot!

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